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Democracy at peril in Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Mar 10, 2015 10:34 pm

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]egardless of its failures and success, democracy is the best form of Government in the World. Therefore, keeping in mind to fulfill the definition, nature and principles of democracy, India adopted the Parliamentary democracy since her Independence and thereby our constitution was framed based on the purity of democratic principles. As the year pass by, Nagaland attained statehood on 1st Dec, 1963 as the sixteenth state in Indian Union. Constitutionally a democratic government was formed in Nagaland promising to fulfill the democratic norms and its guiding principles and so have come thus far.Unfortunately, the failure of Parliamentary democracy in Nagaland reset in the recent NPF legislature Leadership tussle when the then NPF President Dr. Shurhozeile and the minority CM T.R Zealing curtailed the political freedom of the majority demand by hijacking the constitutional Will in a way of Dictatorial and coercion methods. In Parliamentary form of government, the leader of the House is elected/ chosen from the majority Legislature to form the Government. However, the narrow- mindedness and selfishness behavior by the then party President and minority CM was not parliamentary democracy, it was rather an assassination of democratic rights and political freedom of the majority governance, inscribing an ugly precedence for the future young Naga generation. Therefore, it will be a glorious failure of Democracy in Nagaland as well as in India if the younger generation particularly the Nagas does not cry a halt to this scheme of political massacre. Hence the fate of the future democracy and the majority government in Nagaland is at stake if it does not return at the earliest.
Similarly, the storming and the fall of Central Jail in Dimapur on 5th March from the hands of an angry mob follow by lynching of the rape accused and the lost of precious civilian life from the hands of the unconstitutional and helpless minority government’s bullets was another sign of democratic failure in Nagaland. In such horrific situation and the darkest hour, it was so regrettable to see that both minority CM and the Home Minister failed to address the issue to the people for the restoration of peace, rather remain inside their comfort zone and not reaching out to the battle field physically. This indicates that they have no passionate feeling for the people. Perhaps, the minority government under the Dictatorship of the former party President hurriedly suspended the three dedicated senior Officers without proper democratic investigation like unconstitutional suspension of NPF Legislatures in order to shy away from their complete failure of governance on the eye of the people which is undemocratic and not humanitarian.
Besides, curbing the freedom to use SMS and Internet services all over Nagaland by the helpless minority government was a direct challenge to democratic freedoms given in our constitution under Art.19 which is one of the Fundamental Rights.SMS and Internet has nothing to do with the emotional and social issue of the people, it is people voice, people choice and people support to run the government and to live in peace and harmony. Further, the random arrest of 43 innocent civilians by the minority government will never bring solution and peace in our land. The fall of Central Jail and lynching of the rape accused was done by angry mob to claim the Rights and also to protect Naga citizens especially our Naga Daughters not by the 43 arrested innocent civilians. It will be a big mistake on the part of minority government if the arrested innocent civilians were not release unconditionally at the earliest. It will rather invite tense situation and activate further violence in our land. The present Dictatorial and coercive system of governance will never be allow in a civilized Naga society. Therefore, instead of sitting a mere spectator and forging emotional and psychological war among the citizens in Nagaland, the spineless minority CM should morally resigned and pave way to the peoples’ mandate majority leadership( Kaito) to run the government who have confidence from the people and has command over the people.
Sooner or later, the majority Leadership ( Kaito) will form a popular/ peoples’ mandate government before the Shatter and Dust gloomed the beautiful land of Nagaland.

Press & Media Cell
NPF Central Youth Wing ( majority)

By EMN Updated: Mar 10, 2015 10:34:20 pm