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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Demerits of Online Exams In the Current Scenario of Covid-19

By EMN Updated: Jun 15, 2021 12:03 am

Online exams are being conducted at present in almost all educational institutions including colleges in view of Covid-19 pandemic.

The question of the online exams are programmed and usually displayed on the mobile screen. Examinees need to write the answers of certain number of questions without different orders in allotted time. Soon they scan the papers and enter the answered papers back into the assessment system.

The system although quite feasible, suffers from serious defects. The reasons behind this is not difficult to seek. Most of the examinees avail themselves of the ample opportunity by using smartphones and mobile apps, advanced electronic devices, screen sharing to another computer, guide / notebooks and even assistance from others in order to expedite the writing works. By far, they write or solve the questions answers and seem quite sanguine about their coming in flying colours securing very high marks. Obviously, it happens too. But in no case they can deny the fact that behind this tremendous achievement or reaching a certain goal or destination there is no real learning skills, talents, knowledge, use of active memory, etc.

In the light of the results obtained from online exams / tests, proper knowledge of the individual cannot be assessed since almost all the examinees are found very good so far as their scoring marks are considered.

On the other hand, written examinations, i.e., offline exams are an age-old practice of evaluating students performance. It is held to know the comparative merits of the students and place them accordingly in their careers. Exams are the most dreadful activities in the life of a student. The brilliant ones want to prepare everything and leave nothing to chance. They plan and strive hard for their realisation but it may be possible that despite their best efforts, they may not get the desired success. At times they might find themselves in a state of utter confusion and bewilderment. All the paths for going ahead seem to be blocked. Frustrations and conflicts arise to make choice out of so many equally qualified candidates.

How can we accomplish the task in order to eliminate the widespread discrepancies is a pertinent question to be asked at this stage.

Shibdas Ghose
PWD Rental Housing Campus

By EMN Updated: Jun 15, 2021 12:03:09 am