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Tuesday, February 07, 2023
Nagaland, Dimapur, Peren

Demand for individual test reports causes delay in shifting Covid-19 patients

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 14, 2020 5:29 pm

Also causes delay in transfer of remaining inmates to home district

This video grab shows inmates from the New DC Complex in Chumoukedima, without maintaining any social distance, arguing with the health care workers outside the building and demanding individual test reports in Chomoukedima Dimapur district on June 12, 2020 (Source:Facebook)

Dimapur, June 14 (EMN): The demand for individual test reports of inmates in a quarantine centre in Dimapur district has led to the delay in segregating patients and the shifting of the negative inmates to their home district.

It all started with series of viral videos that cropped up in social media the last few days that showed altercations between some workers and inmates of a particular quarantine centre. In the video the inmates were demanding reports of the test results before any one among them were moved out of the facility.

On further investigation by this reporter, the District Surveillance Officer Dimapur (DSO), Imtiwapang Aier informed that the incident happened on the evening of June 12 at New DC Complex quarantine centre in Chumoukedima.

He state that there were around 74 returnees at the complex out of which three were tested positive that day. That same evening the authorities wanted to immediately shift the positive patients to the hospital.

Aier informed that the positive patients were not willing to go unless the individual medical reports were shown to them. At the same time even the remaining negative returnees were also not cooperative. They were supposed to go to their district for further quarantine as the new batch of returnees from other states were to arrive.

The inmates’ demand was to get individual medical report of the results although the test results come only in batches and in numbered codes. Therefore the positive patients were not segregated that evening in contravention to the laid down procedures.

Some individuals from civil society organisations also tried to intervene but even their pleas were not heeded to, he added.

The DSO said that the individual reports were then submitted to the Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) of Chumukedima the next day on June 13.

While speaking to EAC of Chumukedima, Thejavizo Nakhro, he informed that at the moment the Peren returnees who were quarantined at New DC complex have decided to return to their district. After lots of negotiations with the returnees they have agreed to go and and so the administration have made ready all the logistics.

He informed that at the moment the three positive patients would be kept at Dimapur Hospital and also added that around 30 returnees has left for Peren district on June 13 and added that even today on June 14 those names who are approved by the chief secretary’s office would be sent to Peren district, as per the government guideline.

The remaining returnees will also be travelling as and when the approval comes from the chief secretary’s office, he added.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 14, 2020 5:29:03 pm