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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Demand for “Change is Coming” in Line With NPSC

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2018 11:51 pm

Under the Motto “Change is Coming” the State has seen tremendous changes and developments lately, from abolishment of VIP cultures to renovation of roads, removal of chief guests cultures, laying the foundation stone for construction of Dr T.AO stadium and latest move by providing projectors to view the world cup currently played at Russia.

However, we have also observed that certain steps taken by the Government have invited backlash of the people and different sections of the society of the state. From appointment of cabinet status ranks, minister of state ranks, appointment of Vigilance Commissioner and latest move by Removal of the people’s DGP. Which I, though an earnest supporter of the PDA deeply criticise.

Now, with the recent farewell held for the outgoing Chairman to the N.P.S.C Shri Yanang konyak and the retirement of another member Shri Vipralhou Kesiezie, the state lies in front of another major puddle, which can either undermine the people’s trust or, build their confidence in the present day’s Government. The N.P.S.C being the topmost recruiting body of the state needs to be given utmost priority in fulfilling your agenda “Combat Nepotism and Favouritism“.

Firstly, To be a member or a chairman of the top recruiting body of the state, He/She should be of top quality, experienced, capable, dynamic and unbiased person. The selection committee should see that the people with highest integrity and good track record are selected as members/chairman.

Secondly, over the past decade, we have seen the appointment of members belonging to a particular community over and again. The post of a member /chairman is not reserved for any tribe. As such, if the government/selection committee (chief minister, leader of opposition, a cabinet minister, etc) can let tribalism take the back seat and at least spare NPSC from being politicised, it would definitely go a long way in bringing transparency, accountability, good governance, etc to the state.

Lastly and most importantly, the selection committee should preview and see that the latest guidelines and amendments framed with regard to experience of work and educational qualification(post-graduate) be strictly followed and no provision for consideration irrespective of any person should be granted as this will decide the fate and future of the state.

This is a premeditated appeal to the Governor, Chief Minister, selection committee to exercise maximum wisdom and keep politics aside and provide us with the best deemed fit member and Chairman in order to avoid “hue and cry” of the public and the Public service aspirants of the state. LOVE and CARE our state for this one time as our future stands on this act, show the people that the Government can live up to the people’s expectation and the Public service aspirants of the state in particular.

This move will be seen as a major step which will either prove that this Government is living up to their promises and expectations of the people under their agenda “Good governance and transparency“ or was it just another promise to lure the innocent voters of the state. Therefore, the selection should be totally unbiased and rule laid down followed.


By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2018 11:51:49 pm