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Delay border fencing pose influx scare

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:32 pm

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SHILLONG, January 11

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he A’chik Indigenous Justice Initiative Forum (AIJIF) today said that the delay in the completion of the fencing work at the Indo-Bangla international border has posed a serious threat to the Garo Hills region in Meghalaya due to influx.
“Such incomplete fencing pose threat and mileage for cross border terrorism and arms smuggling from Bangladesh and criminal persons easily sheltered by crossing the border,” AIJIF director Alex K Sangma said in a statement issued here on Saturday.Stating the NBCC has left incomplete their construction in International Border Fence near Balughat BOP, he alleged that half construction has remained for the last 2 years where the influx can cross the borders and committed the crimes like rapes, robbery, dacoity, theft, smugglings, human trafficking.
The AIJIF further pointed out that as per the NBCC, 80% compensation has been already paid to the local people of Garo Hills.
The organization however claimed that as per its field visit to the nearby Indo-Bangla border areas of Garo Hills, it found out that the indigenous people of Garo Hills have not yet received the compensation.
While stating that little payment was made, it asked how NBCC could claim that 80% compensation has been paid.
“The present scenario of Indo-Bangla border of Garo Hills is in a terrified mode and it seems that the future of Garo Hills is going to be ruin by the influx people,” the director said adding “Garo Hills will only remain in name if influx is not check.”
The AIJIF further alleged the existing road of Mahendraganj to Mankachar road is passing through the no man’s land entering border fencing so that the gate is remain open for the public from 5 a.m.- 6 p.m. where the influx can be easily done from Bangladesh to India.
The organization also questioned why the PWD department is constructing the road in the existing road when the project estimate already sanctioned for new diversion road. It questioned the PWD department whether it is saving the sanctioned amount for the economic growth of Garo Hills or to give opportunity to the influx into Garo Hills?
Stating that most of the plain belt areas of Garo Hills are under threat due to influx, Sangma said no measures have been taken by the Government for infiltration.
Pointing out that during last two decade most of the part of Garo Hills was encroached by the influx, he said, “Even the Nokmas had sold the A’king land to the influx people in Jeldupara, Bollongre, Boldamgre and Newalgre of Halydayganj (Singimari) area in Garo Hills.”
He said that in Patharkata area near Chibinang almost 500 Bighas grazing land of District Council was encroached by the influx. Also stating that the district council already had surveyed on influx in 2010-2011, it said no action or measures has been taken from the District council till today.
The organization also informed that a petition was submitted by one Nokma Prenilla G Momin of Gatiligre Aking II-23 (13) for eviction of 23 households list of non-indigenous influx from her Aking land but the Deputy Commissioner of South West Garo Hills is yet to take any step till today.

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:32:45 pm