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Defer Nagaland Polls to Aid Solution— Civil Society to PM

By EMN Updated: Jan 07, 2018 10:31 pm



The Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.

Through Shri. R. N. Ravi, the Interlocutor, GOI.


Sub:     Representation.

Honorable Sir,

The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) is ever grateful to you for having invited the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) to political negotiation since 21.9.2017. Following that, the Working Committee and the GOI’s Interlocutor have had 9(nine) round of talks and there has been progress.

Meanwhile, it is felt necessary to once again apprise the Honorable Prime Minister of the importance of how the ongoing negotiation should bring logical result to the protracted Naga political issue without letting any situation hamper the progress. That Sir, the ground reality is that the State of Nagaland has been reeling under 10 Governments for decades. Beside the legitimate State Government, there are 9 Governments of NNPGs all housed in Nagaland and sourced by one Government. Whereas, we talk about corruption and developmental backwardness in Nagaland but it is obvious that development cannot literally take place in a place which is over-administered by too many authorities without synchronization. Under such maladministration, the ultimate victim is the general public. Thus, the citizens of Nagaland have been facing this unbearable situation for years together.

Honorable Sir, what is of paramount importance to the citizens of Nagaland today is the solution to the protracted Naga political issue. Whereas, what has deeply distressed NTC is the impending situation once elections are announced as it can distract the focus on negotiation process. There is no ambiguity that the ongoing negotiation needs unstinted support of the public for the simple reason that the ultimate outcome of the negotiation has to be welcomed and also owned by the public otherwise one cannot expect sustainable peace in our land.

We all know what degree of ramifications the State Assembly elections can impact on its citizens. General elections in Nagaland is due awaiting for ECI to announce its schedule any moment from now. The moment election schedule is announced, the attention of the public will be focused on election dragging the negotiation to penultimate. Consequently, the cooperation of the public extended to the Working Committee will be jeopardized, the unity of the public on negotiation will be fragmented and the total atmosphere of the State will be placed in haywire. After such devastation, to bring the situation to normalcy post election will take time plus the risk of keeping the society divided with election phobia for a longer period of time.

In the light of above, the existing 60 MLAs along with the former legislators adopted a joint resolution on 7.12.2017 to press for political solution before election. On the strength of this, the Nagaland Legislative Assembly adopted its resolution on 14.12.2017 for the same. Moreover, more than 40 NGOs including tribal hohos(organisations) gathered on 9.12.2017 at Dimapur and unanimously resolved to prefer solution to election. All these voices of the people being raised for one single objective which is none other than the desire of the people to ultimately eradicate chaos and confusion and to have lasting peace and progress in our land henceforth.

The NTC therefore appeals to the esteem authority to kindly appreciate the sentiment of our people and extend magnanimous support to us in refurbishing the State of Nagaland under your dynamic leadership. The NTC therefore urges upon you to kindly defer the election in the State of Nagaland so as to pave way for smooth transaction of the process of political negotiation.


Toniho Yepthomi
President, NTC;
Nribemo Ngullie
General Secretary, NTC
Theja Therieh
Secretary, I&P, NTC




The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Lok Kalyan Marg

New Delhi

(Through His Excellency the Governor of Nagaland)


Sub: Appeal to defer 2018 Assembly election in Nagaland and impose President’s Rule in the State in order to facilitate Indo-Naga Solution at the earliest.

Most Hon’ble Prime Minister,

The ACAUT Nagaland is deeply appreciative of your sincere desire to resolve the Naga political issue; and as such when the BJP came to power in 2014, the Prime Minister in all sincerity promised to resolve the issue within 18 months. Another of your great personal initiative was to invite the 6 Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) for talks in 2017. Thus, while keeping the backdrop in mind, the ACAUT Nagaland, a people’s movement against corruption and illegal taxations, though appreciative, is however afraid that the much yearned Naga Solution will to continue to elude us if the 2018 State Assembly election is held as scheduled in the month of Feb/March:

  • Solution to the 7 decades old Naga political issue is close to settlement. Election at this juncture with a duly elected government will consign the peace talks to the backburner for years to come. If elections are held as scheduled, the newly elected MLAs cannot be forced to resign (in the next 5 years) to pave way for a future Interim Government which would be a necessary condition of the settlement package nor the Assembly liable to be dismissed on settlement grounds which would be unconstitutional. Thus, if the ECI harps on constitutionality and is allowed to announce elections, peace will continue to elude the State.
  • The ACAUT Nagaland is of the humble opinion that the Hon’ble PM Modiji removes inordinate hurdles, such as, the soon to be held Assembly elections, in order to allow the Interlocutor to conclude the peace-talks with both the NSCN-IM and the NNPGs at the earliest within 2018. As it is, the Indo-Naga peace-talk is into its 21st year and decades of dilly-dallying has destroyed Naga society with the worst affected being the common man which this petition cannot adequately cover. There exists several ‘governments’ in the State and to perpetuate this condition by holding elections at this juncture when Solution is around the corner would be extremely unfair. It would only end hurting the sentiments of the Naga people.
  • The people have been given to understand that negotiation between India and the parties involved is almost conclusive, if not, to be concluded within the next several months. This has led the present State government to opine time and again that election should be deferred in favour of Solution.

Thus, the ACAUT Nagaland would like the Hon’ble Prime Minister to consider our position and defer elections in Nagaland slated for Feb/March 2018. With the term of the present Assembly ending in March, the GoI may then recommend the imposition of President’s Rule in the State. It is during the period of President’s Rule that your government should be able to complete the negotiation process with the NNPGs and the NSCN-IM and finally announce a Naga Settlement. Extraordinary times requires extraordinary leadership; and it is during this period that the BJP government should be able to initiate much needed developmental activities in the State sorely missing in the last decade or so, thanks to corruption.

That Prime Minister Sir, the favourable political climate of this country is the climate that you’ve created, with you in pole position to settle the Naga issue once and for all. And you do have the required numbers in the Lok Sabha to pursue your agenda of Peace. This is a Golden opportunity and an opportune time for both India and Nagas to ink a peace-deal under your leadership. But should elections be held in Nagaland for the sake of ‘constitutional process’, circumstances will dictate that the yearned Naga Solution should never materialize.

The ACAUT Nagaland is solely guided by the interest of the Naga people.

Thanking You,

Joel Naga
ACAUT Nagaland;
Mar Longkumer
ACAUT Nagaland


Gaon Burrah Federation of Nagaland

Shri. Narendra Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.

Through Shri. R.N Ravi. Interlocutor, Government of India.

Dated: Monday, the 8th of January 2018

Sub: Postponement of Elections to Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

Most Respectfully,

We, the Gaon Burrah Federation of Nagaland (Village Chiefs) along with the Nagaland Tribes Council of Nagaland, would like to humbly submit the petition seeking immediate intervention of your gracious self to defer/postpone elections to Nagaland State Legislative Assembly for the following reasons.

  1. The Election Commission of India (ECI) is scheduled to announce for elections to Nagaland Legislative Assembly by mid January 2018. We fear that conducting elections at this juncture will create destabilizing socio-political situations. Presently, a negotiated political solution to the seven decades Indo-Naga political issue must be given greater importance over normal democratic electoral exercise. Your commitment to solve the Naga political issue is being appreciated by the Naga populace and keenly observed by the international community. Elections in Nagaland at this hour will most likely jeopardize your desire to seek enduring peace in Naga homeland.
  2. Sir, We realize that a major step was taken on August 3, 2015, when you decided to place in records the outcome of nearly two decades of dialogue with the NSCN IM into black and white as a frame work agreement. All apprehensions and doubts were laid to rest and Naga people’s faith in your leadership restored when you took a decision to bring all other stake holders to the table and have a composite solution process. Negotiations began with six armed Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) in November last year. The dialogue with NNPGs has the participation of the entire Naga Fraternity including customary bodies and intellectuals, which is reflective of your realistic political philosophy. Now the talks are progressing at a faster pace, with the Government of India and the NNPGs recognizing each other’s positions. We believe a solution and a conclusive agreement could be a reality very soon.
  3. Elections bring powerful negative elements together who will challenge, disrupt or destroy social and political decorum including the present peace process. The Urban Local Body election in the state in February 2017 serves as a reference point.
  4. All political parties, Tribal bodies, NGOs and Civil Societies have appealed to the Government of India to postpone elections till solution is arrived at between the Government of India and Naga National Political Groups.

Under your visionary leadership, Nagas have hope in the Government of India to solve the prolonged Naga political issue. Elections will only derail the process and any change in the political system through elections will go against the desire and aspiration of the people. Therefore, we request your benign leadership to postpone the elections to Nagaland Legislative Assembly, till the eagerly awaited negotiated political solution and future practical relationship between the Government of India and Nagas is agreed upon by the negotiating entities and declared by your esteemed office.

Thanking You Mr. Prime Minister.

Yours most trusted citizens.
Mr. Shahlem Konyak, President, NGBF.
Mr. Silikuto Zalipu, General Secretary, NGBF.

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