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Dear Nagas, is it Change You Want? Part 2

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2018 10:09 pm

Kaka Zhimomi

Together, we have the solution if you really want it. Read on….
Did you observe that our politicians are still hovering around like migratory birds that couldn’t settle on the trees? In the past, money was the factor, but now they have access money in their hands and still know that something is Missing drastically, and they don’t know exactly what , they are CONFUSED and I believe they are not about to find out until the election is over !
This is the season for the politicians to come to the people showcasing their performance and what other good things they have in store, but since they have nothing except deliberate mismanagement they have resorted to diversion tactic by shuttling and flocking between Kohima and Delhi in desperation making a spectacle farce move in the sight of this nation scrapping away what little humanitarian regards was left for our people from their past many such moves and now with slogans like “Solution before X-Mass” Solution before Election” “Exemption from Election” etc. They ought to know better that this facade of themselves being busy with these issues can neither hoodwink nor divert the attention away from their emptiness any longer, lest they forget the series of their drama that have been unfolding since past four years still continuing to do so.
Remember? A thief flees where no one pursue . Confusion is operational among the legislators which should continue and intensify more after the dissolution of the house. People are thoroughly fed up with this insanity and are sufficiently informed about the dangers of continuation without resistance. Therefore, when the public especially the young people show resentment of present conditions even in their body language and rises little temperature in the air then our legislators are bound to be nervous and when the momentum of people’s resistance increase and gathers required level of energy and the VOICE becomes louder and threatening then FEAR will befall our present corrupt legislators. History has taught us that, when the revolutionary spirit begins to touch people, it generates invincible energy and power that silence the tyranny and FEAR befalls the enemy. This is the moment to kill the BEAST. When is better moment to defeat the enemy other then when they are confused and at the verge of nervousness even with a little push ? My point is, we are in a perfect position to take this advantage, because we have enumerable proof and evidence that supported this kind of movements in other parts of the world in the past so it has to work in our situation as well, but if we as a people fail to wake up to embrace this moment, the same opportunity will never come back in our life time.
Therefore, when the right moment comes the concern citizens should gather in a place from every district and make a simple roadmap to mobilise the potential and responsible candidates from across the state and to nominate them from a party chosen by the collective wisdom and take them to the people to be elected and replace the present corrupt batch of politicians. It is as simple as that. Do you still think it is not possible? If so, you lack courage! GET SOME FROM ME.

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2018 10:09:13 pm