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DCW rescues minor Assamese girl held captive as domestic help

By PTI Updated: Sep 09, 2019 10:29 pm

New Delhi, Sep. 8 (PTI): The Delhi Commission for Women on Sunday said it has rescued an orphaned Assamese girl held captive and forced to work without pay at a posh house in North West Delhi’s Ashok Vihar area.

The DCW 181 women helpline was informed about the 17-year-old girl by an unidentified person, the panel said.

The complainant said the minor was held captive and forced to work in adverse conditions without pay. The complainant also informed the panel that the girl had an uncle living in Delhi and gave his number for correspondence, it added.

The minor was not found on the address given by the uncle but in a nearby house, the panel said.

The girl informed that she was from Tejpur in Assam. She had lost her father six years ago and her mother two years back.

She was lured into a high paying job in Punjab by a boy from the same village.

She told the panel that the boy brought her to Punjab and sold her to a Delhi-based placement agent.

The agent sent her for domestic work to a couple’s house in Ashok Vihar where she was promised a salary of INR 10,000 per month, the panel said.

She claimed that when she expressed her discomfort about working at the couple’s place, she was threatened that she would be pushed into prostitution if she refused.

She went back to work and was made to work from 6 in the morning till midnight.

A case was registered at Ashok Vihar police station and an investigation on, the police said.

By PTI Updated: Sep 09, 2019 10:29:13 pm
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