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DCC Phek guns for R & B minister

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2013 1:24 am


THE Minister for R&B Kuzholuzo Nienu is one high profile minister who never misses an opportunity for media limelight. Yet, when he is demanded of a response on issues of public importance, he has an uncanny habit of pushing his supporters to cover him, a press release by DCC Phek, Mikha Kenye, today said.His supporters like Chivotso Nienu, President, Phek NPF Division, is always more than willing to comply to keep the Minister in good humour in return for a benefit. NPF Phek Division should know that the NPCC had raised the issue of poor road conditions in the whole state of Nagaland and not for Phek district. Being accountable to the people of Nagaland, the NPCC had called for a responsible statement on the Minister. The Minister should have the courage to come out with the truth and not shirk away from his duty to the people, the release alleged.
The people of Nagaland have been going through harrowing times plying the pothole-studded, back-breaking roads every day. Yet, the Minister had all the sarcasm to insult the public by putting the entire blame on nature. There is not a stretch of ten meters road in Nagaland where one cannot find potholes. In fact, there are no roads fit to be called roads. They are even worse than British mule tracks of World War II era, the release contended.
The Minister should know that for all weather roads sanctions were accorded as per DPR that promised quality workmanship with proper side drains to sustain through its guaranteed life span. The concept and objective of constructing all weather roads is to ensure quality workmanship that can resist natural forces like heavy monsoon. Therefore, the excuse that our roads are not sustainable due to heavy monsoon defeats the very concept and objective of constructing durable roads., the release maintained.
Being a contractor Minister himself, he is well aware that quality control has been greatly compromised due to heavy commission, diversion of funds and gross deviation from DPRs etc. The NPF-led DAN govt has the dubious distinction of blaming faulty DPR in almost all road projects. He should know that the SARDP-NE have been abandoned primarily due to revised DPR with two-fold increase in project estimate and failure to provide security to the contractors from extortion threats. All other factors stated by him are secondary in nature, the release said.
NPF Phek Division should know that the Minister is not the right person to blame others on deviation from original DPRs because he has been directly implicated in one such case, namely, construction of Phek-Chozuba road under NLCPR, leaving this road construction incomplete. Despite the fact that State Vigilance Commission (SVC) had completed its preliminary investigation on public complaint for the said project and sought prosecution sanction from R&B department since Dec 2012, the department is least bothered knowing that the Minister is one of those charge-sheeted by SVC. The contractor Minister’s choice for R&B portfolio was primarily to save his own skin in this case, the release alleged.
The release further asserted that the Minister had on 22nd March 22, 2013 promised to change the conditions of the roads within three years. Now he is saying within 3-4 years. When the DAN III govt could not even passed State’s Work Programs for 2013-14 in the last Budget session, where does he think he will have the money to improve the roads? Empty talks will not bring changes in the face of Nagaland’s PWD roads. The proposed widening of road from NH 29 to CIHSR and release of 40 lacs, the first and only among other proposed projects is understandable given the fact that he is going to be a direct beneficiary with his private residence located a stone throw away from CIHSR.
National Highways may not be under the Minister R&B. Nevertheless, the NPF Phek Division should not forget that as the government of the day and he being one of the Cabinet Ministers, it entails a collective governance responsibility to take up the matter with BRO. The Minister should answer to the people instead of relegating the state level subject to a district level. The NPF Phek Division has no business to belittle the big issue confronting all Nagas by blindly defending the minister. Sycophancy has no place as far as the roads of Nagaland are concerned, the release added.

Peren DCC joins the blame game
President, DCC Peren, Zandi Domta, has castigated DAN government for neglecting regarding road condition and is “very much giving a step motherly treatment in this matter,” in a press release today.
Peren district being one of the nearest districts to the commercial hub Dimapur, delivery of goods for any raw materials/machineries for all round development can be easily carried out as compared to other districts. The connecting road condition towards the district HQ and its sub-division is well experienced by one who is about to enter the district sooner or later after crossing the NH 29. Government has totally failed to address public demand on road development. Domta said.
He also said that the road condition of sub-division Tening has not been maintained for the last 25 years and also the most neglected one is the Athibung to Khelma road wherein the public suffer the most due to government’s negligence and false promises.
The DCC Peren President wanted clarification as to whether the Athibung to Khelma road will be included in the recent foot hill road construction programme or not which is being initiated by NGO (NTC). The main life line of Peren district touching Jalukie sub-division state high way stretching from Medziphema is running with potholes everywhere, which is very unhealthy for vehicles to ply.
Also, the New district HQ, New Peren, road still has with some culverts unfinished till today. Therefore, it is an earnest request to the Department to issue order to resume the work immediately as per programme and Failing which the party will not hesitate to initiate action, the release appealed.
The deterioration of roads in the State due to heavy monsoon rains causing landslides. Yes, the public accepted nature’s role as stated by the R & B Minister but Peren district is also facing the same problem like others wherein the deteriorated roads with big pot holes caused by rainfall is left without maintenance.
But surprisingly, government is trying their best to bring better roads elsewhere, where people are not even willing to vacate, but not trying to develop the places where people are dying for better road development. It seems like the government is giving a deaf ear to the cries of the innocent public who suffer the most “ We are waiting the outcome of the DAN government on work programme and to rollout the estimated figure on road development of the district,” the release added.

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