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DC Noklak inaugurates NDHHDC office in Noklak

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2022 9:36 pm
Hiazu Meru speaking at the inauguration of Noklak District Handloom and Handicraft Council (NDHHC) office in Noklak town on Tuesday.

Dimapur, July 20 (EMN): The deputy commissioner of Noklak, Hiazu Meru, inaugurated the office of the Noklak District Handloom and Handicraft Council (NDHHC) on July 19 at Punyaongan sector in Noklak town.

Speaking at the inaugural programme, Meru stated that Noklak district has many artisans good at handicrafts, blacksmithing, pottery, weaving, woodworks etc., adding some of the last traditional Naga practices such as cotton growing, weaving, and traditional products are found in the district. He expressed confidence that artisans would get opportunities to earn their livelihood under the NDHHC.

Meru has also explained the geographical indications of goods (registration and protection) Act 1999, its proposal, and the types of geographical indications. He also shared the importance of documentation and awareness creation.

While highlighting that the roles and responsibilities of NDHHC would be multiplied basing on the potentiality to benefit the district, he has assured all possible assistance from the district administration.

Also speaking on the occasion, the Noklak superintendent of police, Dr. Pritpal Kaur, lauded the artisans for their high demand of handloom and handicraft products in the market. She advised the artisans to improve the finished products by applying modern technology to enhance the market demand.

While sharing on marketing of products through opening of shops, using social media etc., she encouraged them to work hard on handloom and handcraft in order to general income and at the same time preserve their culture and tradition.

The president of Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC), M Thangou, while highlighting that the district is lacking behind in all aspects, requested the DC, SP, and all the department officials to work harder for the uplift and benefits of the people.

The welcome address was delivered by president of NDHHC, Khumo, while the dedicatory prayer was said by A Penglang, pastor of Longdon Baptist Church, Noklak town.

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2022 9:36:22 pm