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DC Longleng orders opening of fish shops

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2023 12:15 am
DC Longleng orders opening of fish shops
Officials from the district administration and the district chamber of commerce and industry re-opening the fish shop in Longleng town on Tuesday.

DIMAPUR — Having observed that the recent outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Pongching village under Longleng district was not from contaminated fishes, the deputy commissioner of Longleng has ordered opening of fish shops with immediate effect.

The notification was issued following a thorough investigation and analysis conducted by the state public health laboratory and the public health engineering department (PHED) regarding the recent outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Pongching village, wherein it was determined that the suspected source of contaminated fish was not responsible for the outbreak.

A DIPR report stated that basing on the findings of the analysis of the fish sample, there was no evidence to suggest that the outbreak was linked to the occurrence of acute gastroenteritis.

In this regard, the deputy commissioner of has ordered immediate reopening of all fish shops/ establishments in Longleng town. The decision to this effect was taken after careful consideration of the investigation results.

All shop owners and residents are to continue following standard hygiene practices, such as proper hand washing, food safety measures, and maintaining a clean environment and to remain vigilant and report any unusual health concerns to the appropriate authorities for timely action.

It may be mentioned that 43 persons from Pongching village in Longleng district were admitted to District Hospital, Longleng, on June 15 for medical treatment on suspicion of food poisoning.

Following the incident, all fish shops in at Longleng town were sealed. However, on receipt of the findings, fish shops were made to open on June 26.

Meanwhile, an update from the office of the chief medical officer (CMO), Longleng, has attributed to bacterial infection cause by Streptococcus Aureus, E Coli and yeast and mold. It has also pointed to the presence of S Aureus in cooked food due to unhygienic handling of food, presence of E Coli in cooked food due to fecal contamination and unhygienic handling of food, presence of food borne molds and yeast which produces toxin metabolite known as mycotoxins and pesticides.

The CMO has advised the public to maintain hygiene especially in hand washing before and after handling animal products, to properly wash the utensils that are used for handling animal products, not to consume raw or partially cooked animal products, to drink filtered or boiled water and to seek medical attention without delay.

By EMN Updated: Jun 28, 2023 12:15:31 am
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