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DC Kohima pulls up BRTF for non-maintenance of drainages

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2014 11:37 pm

Principal Correspondent

DEPUTY Commissioner Kohima W. Honje Konyak today regretted that despite fund availability, the 89 RCC Border Road Task Force (BRTF) has been neglecting proper drainage construction in the state.
Initiated by Northern Angami Youth Organisation (NAYO), the DC along with SDO Kethosituo Sekhose and NAYO president Peter Rutsa physically verified the poor drainage systems along the National Highway -2 from TC Gate to Mohonkhola area.
It was observed that in many areas, the BRO had not initiated any steps to maintain drainage while the existing drains were apparently constructed by the roadside building owners as per their convenience without any specifications.
Come monsoon and the aforementioned stretch always overflows with rainwater as the drainages are clogged while some roads lying below the drainages walls turn into ponds.
As had been reported in this daily during the first heavy downpour in April the stretch along South Point Market to Mohonkhola were apparently flooded while in some portion the water along with garbage from drainage was directly flowing into the road. Subsequently, it was the business community of the area raising fund to construct the diversion from the road to the drain.
Interestingly, some of the buildings on the road sides have directly diverted their dump pipes into the main road instead of the nullah.
Interacting with media-persons, the DC disclosed that considering the necessity for proper drainage system along the roads in the state capital a coordination meeting between the line departments/agencies – PHED, BRTF, KMC and PWD was held sometime in July 2013.
During the meeting, the Officer-in-Command 89 RCC BRTF had informed the house that sanction has already been obtained for construction of pucca drainage/side drain at Kohima town portion of NH-29 and they are about to start the work.
However, the DC lamented that leaving the areas where drainages have almost vanished, like the South Point Market and Mohonkhola area, the BRTF has been taking up the work only in areas convenient for them.
He expressed that unless the drainage system improves the road condition in the state capital cannot be better. He also said that the public and business establishments have already expressed their willingness to cooperate in the construction while the District Administration also assured to extend some financial support if required.
However, Konyak lamented that the BRO had been intentionally delaying in taking up the drainage constructions in the much needed areas.
Attributing that drainage construction from TCP gate PR Hill is being hindered because of different pipelines and telecommunication wires being laid through the drainages in several areas. However, he said that the matter has already been conveyed to the respective departments.

By EMN Updated: May 11, 2014 11:37:44 pm