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DC & DEO Kohima notifies on Model Code of Conduct

By EMN Updated: Sep 21, 2014 11:42 pm

Kohima, September 21

DC & District Election Officer Kohima, W. Honje Konyak has notified on the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) for Government Departments and Government Servants under Kohima District with immediate effect in view of the upcoming bye election of 11 Northern Angami – II AC. The Notification states that; 1. No Government servant shall take part in, subscribe in aid of, or assist in any way, any candidate.
2. Attendance at public meetings organised by candidate would always be contrary to the Government Servants Conduct Rules unless all the following conditions are satisfied: –
(1) (a) that the meeting is public meeting and not in any sense private or restricted meeting;
(b) that the meeting is not held contrary to any prohibitory order or without permission where permission is needed; and
(c) that the Government servant in question does not himself speak at, or take active or prominent part in organising or conducting the meeting.
(2) Even where the said conditions are satisfied, while occasional attendance at such meetings may not be construed as a participation, frequent or regular attendance by a Government servant at meetings of any particular candidate is bound to create the impression that he is a sympathiser of the aims and objects of that particular candidate. Conduct which give cause for such an impression may well be construed as assisting a candidate.
3. During election campaign, if any Minister visits a private house in connection with some election programme, the Government servant should not attend that function.
4. While giving permission for any meeting no candidate should be discriminated.
5. If on a particular day a number of candidates apply for holding a meeting at a particular place, the permission should be given to only that candidate who had applied first.
6. Rest Houses or Circuit Houses should be given for use to all candidates on the same and equal conditions. No candidate will be given permission to use these places or premises for election propaganda.
7. (a) During the election period, if any, meeting is conducted it should be considered a meeting for political purpose and Government should not spend any amount on it; leaving aside the Govt. servants who are there for maintaining law and order, no other Government employee should attend such meetings.
(b) During the period of elections, if any Minister visits any Municipal Committee/Corporation and Panchayat where the elections are due, such tour must be considered as election tour and no Government servant should accompany the Minister/those who are to be provided for security. During such tours Government vehicles should not be made available.
(c) From the date when the election is announced till the election is complete, the Government, Local Government, Cooperative Institutions and such other Institutions which receive aid from the Government would not make available their vehicles to the Ministers, Members of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly or candidates and such vehicles will not be utilized for election purposes.
8. Ministers will not combine their official tours with the tours for the purpose of election propaganda nor will they utilise the Government servants or vehicles during the election period which can be considered as being utilised for the purpose of favouring a candidate.
9. From the date election is announced till the election is complete, Ministers will not give any grant from the discretionary fund or from the Government fund nor will they sanction any scheme. During this period no foundation stone will be laid nor will any plan be inaugurated.
10. During election period such advertisements will not be released by Government Institutions in the newspapers, which will highlight the achievements of the party in power, which may lead to favouring a candidate.

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