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Sunday, June 16, 2024
Nagaland, Phek

DAN organises workshop on child rights protection

By EMN Updated: May 29, 2024 10:02 pm
DAN officials along with the participants during a consultative workshop on child rights protection in Phek town on May 28.

DIMAPUR — The Development Association of Nagaland (DAN) organised a consultative workshop of stakeholders at Phek Town Council Hall on May 28 on the theme “Developing collaboration for children’s rights” with the deputy commission of Phek, John Tsulise Sangtam, as the special guest.

An update from DAN stated that Rev. Fr. Sajan Joseph, director of DAN, welcomed the participants and outlined the objectives of the workshop.

Speaking at the event, the special guest thanked Fr. Sajan and DAN for organising the event, emphasising the importance of children’s rights.

“We often live more for the future than today, always keeping our children in mind. If we do something bad today, we worry it will affect our children negatively. Conversely, good actions today will benefit them tomorrow. While being protective, we frequently overlook other children’s rights, leading to abuse and mistreatment. We must treat all children equally, as our behavior teaches our own children how to treat others,” Sangtam said.

Abei Renuh, member of Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), discussed the history and fundamentals of children’s rights in India, noting persistent social issues like child marriage, maternal mortality and child abuse. She called for stronger policies and structures to protect children and highlighted the support provided by the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Phek, including sponsorship for 40 students and aftercare for five beneficiaries from below the poverty line.

Clinical psychologist, Nikho-u Koza spoke about the pressing need to address mental health issues among adolescents saying, “Mental health is still a taboo topic, yet it is crucial for our well-being.”

According to Koza, mental health encompasses one’s ability to act, think and feel effectively. She stated that mental health issues arise when the brain’s functions—thinking, perception, emotion, signaling, physical functioning, and behavior—are disrupted.

She emphasised the importance of awareness and early intervention stating that “Mental health problems can be treated with the right support. However, stigma often prevents open discussion and seeking help.”

Koza further highlighted the vital role parents play in fostering good mental health from childhood, a critical period where many mental health issues begin and can persist into adolescence.

The workshop underscored society’s collective responsibility to safeguard all children’s rights, promoting equal treatment and protection for a better future.

By EMN Updated: May 29, 2024 10:02:58 pm
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