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Daily market inaugurated in Kigwema

By EMN Updated: Sep 24, 2017 12:03 am
ADC Medziphema, Vikhweno Chale, inspecting the daily market in Kigwema after the inauguration on September 23.

Kohima, Sep. 23 (EMN): With the view to cater home-grown organic vegetable to the public while creating a livelihood opportunity for farmers to sell their produce, Kigwema Women Society has initiated a ‘Daily Market’ along the National Highway-29 at Kipfüzou, Kigwema. The daily market was inaugurated on Saturday by Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Medziphema, Vikhweno Chale.
Addressing the gathering during the inauguration, Chale said starting a marketplace may appear to be a small thing but she observed that it was actually a big step. She highlighted that Nagas were an agrarian society but because of the growth in population and urbanisation, many cultivation areas have gradually been inhabited by people, while farming has decreased.
The official lauded the Kigwema Women Society for coming up with the venture, stating it could be materialised because of shared unity. She also encouraged the women group to maintain the daily market and bring it up in a way that it becomes a success story for others to emulate.
MLA Vikho-o Yhoshü, who was also present during the inauguration of the new market, expressed appreciation to the landowners for giving space towards construction of the daily market. Also congratulating the Kigwema Women Society for coming up with the initiative, he called upon them to sustain it so that it would help not just the villagers but others as well.
Pastor of Union Church Kipfüzou, Lalhou Bio, said the invocation, while the chairperson of Kigwema Women Society, Nebano Bio, and chairman of Kigwema village council, Siechale Yhoshü, briefly exhorted the gathering.

By EMN Updated: Sep 24, 2017 12:03:01 am