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CYF reiterates commitment on conserving biodiversity

By EMN Updated: Nov 16, 2013 12:29 am

The Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) has its 8th general conference at Phek Village held from November 13-14, reiterated its commitment to conserve the biodiversity and rigorously pursue to enforce its earlier resolutions on conservation in its jurisdiction and propagate good practices for shared learning.
Communicating the resolutions at the conference, the resolution committee convenor Mutsikhoyo Yhobu said the CYF placed on record its deep sense of gratitude to its pioneers for forming into a tribe and for which they affirm, themselves to uphold the unity of the Chakhesangs while respecting the diversity.
Further, it resolved to continue to work for the people to be worthy of its guiding motto: Youth for the Nation.
The conference also appreciated the Chakhesang Public Organization for entrusting the CYF for undertaking the Chakhesang Community Building at Dimapur.
While also placing on record its gratitude to the building committee and the CYF executives for the initiative in mobilizing resources and starting the foundational work of the building, conference affirmed wholehearted support for the completion of the building.
With the ever expanding nature of work undertaken by the CYF, the conference felt necessary to have more members in the office bearers and for which three new posts; assistant organizing secretary, press secretary and assistant press secretary were created.
Meanwhile, the nomination committee convenor Ariyi Nienu has announced the new office bearers (2013-2015) of the CYF, headed by Zhopayi Nakro as president with vice president Müdongoi Swüro, general secretary- Weto Kapfo, assistant general secretary- Mosoni Z. Domeh, organizing secretary- Nüzosa Tetseo, assistant organizing secretary- Shekhotso Medeo, finance secretary-Vekhryi Chüzho, treasurer- Kekhrongulo Letro, press secretary- Chikhotso Nienu, assistant press secretary- Vevozo, women secretary- Vevozolü Nienu and Kerenyi-ü Rabvo as assistant women secretary.

By EMN Updated: Nov 16, 2013 12:29:15 am