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Culture, tradition at stake with fast changing world – Vizo

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 06, 2022 9:27 pm
KD Vizo, Helievi-o Solo, Neingusalie Khruomo and others during the inauguration of KVSA memorabilia hall in Kohima village on Wednesday.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, July 6 (EMN): The principal secretary to Nagaland chief minister, KD Vizo, has cautioned on the risk of easily losing one’s culture and identity as the world is moving at a fast pace.

“Our cultures and traditions are fast declining and we need to make a special effort to preserve them,” Vizo said in his address at the inauguration programme of Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) memorabilia hall and Kohima Village Youth Organisation (KVYO) conference hall on Wednesday at Ziekezou.

Stating that Kohima town was named after Kohima village, he reminded that the responsibility of their youth is not only within their village jurisdiction but in the town areas as well.

“When we say responsibility, it means protecting citizens, enforcing proper civic sense, welcoming people and ensuring that different communities live in peace and harmony,” he said.

And though people might consider Kohima village as a “developed village,” Vizo was of the view that the drainage systems are still yet to improve and general cleanliness not upto the mark. As such, he advised the youth to take up social work on a monthly basis as well as to conduct awareness programmes to sensitise citizens.

The principal secretary also underscored the need to have a sufficient team ready to respond quickly to natural disasters, epidemics or other challenges, reasoning that normally in every society, the aged and young people depend on the youth to help them in times of difficulties.

Vizo also questioned whether the youth are prepared to deal with issues confronting the youngsters such as drug abuse, excessive drinking, gambling etc.

“Today, the youth are facing a lot of issues which sometimes grown up people do not understand and which only the youth can understand,” he said.

Apprising how during the Covid-19 pandemic, youth members have faced tremendous problems of isolation, depression and other psychological problems, he dwelled on the need to come forward to tackle such issues confronting many youth today.

He also reminded the need to introspect whether youngsters are ready to compete with others in academic, sports, or any other activities saying, “Today, we are living in a competitive world, be it in academic, sports, business and almost all activities and we need to develop a healthy habit of competition.”

Although technology has its advantages, Vizo warned of its negative side effects too and therefore advised that “it should in no way dilute the Christian principles simply because technology may change but God does not change”.

Maintaining that the hard working genes of their forefathers are still intact in them, he asked if the youth were prepared to do hard labour again, be it in agriculture, carpentry, building constructions, handling of machinery etc. or just trying to seek government jobs and fight even for one post of peon or chowkidar.

Referring to the United Nations Secretary- General who warned of a potential food crisis around the world, he stressed on the requirement to create awareness and also played emphasis on agriculture for their own sustainability.

Expressing happiness on coming up with the new facilities, he further hoped the building would be utilised to promote and protect both their village and society in all aspects.

Earlier, unveiling the KVSA memorabilia hall, Helievi-o Solo, chairman of Kohima Village Council (KVC), stressed on the necessity to be kind and honest while leading a healthy life and also to abide by the old traditional values that have been passed on to them by the older generations.

Ruokuoneituo Phewhuo, president of KVYO, who gave a brief report on construction of the facilities, informed that Rural Development assisted them with INR 25 lakh. He also acknowledged Kikrusetuo Solo and other individuals who contributed towards the successful setting up of the KVSA memorabilia hall at KVYO-KVSU building at Ziekezou.

A song was presented by Dziesekhrienuo Kerets√ľon the occasion.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Jul 06, 2022 9:27:47 pm