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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Cultural extravaganza marks day-2 of the Hornbill Festival

By EMN Updated: Dec 02, 2023 8:12 pm
Hornbill Festival
Khiamniungan cultural troupe presenting ‘Jamhang Tsui’ in Kisama on Saturday.

DIMAPUR — Naga Heritage Village at Kisama resonated with drum beat and folk tunes during the cultural extravaganza on the second day of the Hornbill Festival. Cultural troupes from different tribes of Nagaland showcased the vibrant culture through songs and dances.

The morning session of the cultural programme was hosted by Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of Planning and Transformation and National Highway, TR Zeliang, and advisor of Tribal Affairs and Election, Tovihoto Ayemi, along with MLA, A Pongshi Phom as the co-host.

Dr. Victor Echeverri Jaramillo, Ambassador of Colombia to India, also attended the cultural programme as a guest.

Hornbill Festival
Rice pounding competition organised by Tribal Research Institute (TRI) in Kisama on Saturday.

The cultural programme featured special performances by the Zeliang cultural troupe, Yimkhiung cultural troupe, Sumi cultural troupe, Kachari cultural troupe, Sangtam cultural troupe, Rengma cultural troupe, Pochury cultural troupe, Phom cultural troupe and Lotha cultural troupe.

The evening session was marked with performances Tikhir cultural troupe, Kuki cultural troupe, Chakhesang cultural troupe, Konyak cultural troupe, Khiamniungan cultural troupe, Ao cultural troupe, Garo cultural troupe, Chang cultural troupe and Angami cultural troupe.

Hornbill Festival
Sumi cultural troupe presenting ‘Thipugho Gha/ Tsusughu Kumsu’ in Kisama on Saturday.

The cultural extravaganza, which was held on the theme “Cultural Connect” witnessed the presence of Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of Home and Border Affairs, Yanthungo Patton, as the host, while advisor of Water Resources, Tongpang Ozukum, and MLA P Longon were the co-host.

Chang cultural troupe performing a victory dance on Saturday at the Main Arena in Kisama on Saturday. (EM Images)

Other guests included Harinder Bir Singh Gill, zonal member of Central Board of Direct Taxes, and SM Smita Srivastava, principal chief commissioner of Income Tax, West-Bengal and Sikkim.

After the cultural show, a play on income tax awareness was performed by Dreamz Unlimited.

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