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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Cultural Assimilation

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2013 8:48 pm

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]earning includes culture. Whatever one learns there are definite advantages to understanding multi-culture, especially in meeting the needs of the second and third generations. It is a common axiom that ‘first-generation’ tend to cling to their heritage, while their children tend to flee the old ways. The ‘third generation’ often wants to rediscover their roots. Thus the society may be very comfortable to first generation seeking to maintain family language and traditions. But it is a sad reality that many of their children forsake the traditions (and often their faith) when they become adults. Although it may be difficult for parents to accept, their children are in the third world and they constantly aspire to experience the cultures and opportunities of the advanced countries.Take for example, the churches or schools of various tribal communities wherein the preaching/teachings are done in respective tribal dialects. However, the youth seek peers with common interests and plan youth activities together. In some communities, several language churches have joined together to become an all community congregation conducting their services in English or other common languages. Here the youth are exposed to a different culture and go about adopting a different style of worship.Assimilation is an insistence on the acceptance of minimal liberal democratic civic practices to survive the potential destruction of the centrifugal forces caused by the competing cultures in modern polytechnic states. Apparently, they move away from multiculturalism has been caused most of all by recognition of the primary importance of national unity. Being able to understand cultures gives us a multidimensional way of understanding subjects. However, in the socialization process, a number of personal and environmental variables have also influenced their lives. It is good not to contradict the liberal values of individual freedom and equality for all in the name of cultural retention. It is, however, a major weakness if we completely allow ourselves to be washed by the foreign cultural waves and as a matter of fact, there is a necessity to control the assimilation of youth towards the new wave lest conflicts and potential chaos of multicultural influences reign the society. The paradigm shift to multiculturalism – from western culture and now the Korean or Japanese culture in Nagaland and the northeast region in general is a crucial area that needs due attention of the adults. Considering the process, the youth are today at a crossroads not knowing which is the best culture for them. We may not be for a return to the traditional school of thought for a stricture policy of assimilation, but while recognizing a minimum of liberal democratic principles, there is also a need for understanding the grave dangers of being completely drifted in the waves of foreign cultures. And this we need to instill in the minds of the third generation today.

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