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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Dimapur, Nagaland

CSC Dimapur VLE Society adopts three-point resolution

By EMN Updated: Apr 20, 2024 9:01 pm

DIMAPUR — The Common Service Centre (CSC) Dimapur VLE Society, during its annual meeting on Saturday, adopted three-point resolution to uphold the integrity and efficiency of CSC operations within the society.

With an aim to combat fraudulent activities and scams associated with government schemes such as Ayushman Bharat/ CMHIS, the society unequivocally resolved that no CSC VLE would be permitted to share their CSC ID for any services with any individual other than themselves. An update from the society stated that any violation of the directive would result in legal action including fines and the blocking of the CSC ID.

Also to maintain consistency and professionalism across all CSC operations, the society resolved that no CSC VLE should operate without proper CSC centres bearing common branding. It added that no VLE would be allowed to function from home. It cautioned that failure to adhere with the requirement while engaging in any schemes would lead to blocking of the CSC ID and imposition of fines.

Meanwhile, recognising the importance of addressing public complaints and issues promptly, the society resolved to establish a dedicated grievances cell. The cell would monitor and address all grievances and ensured that necessary legal actions are taken against unauthorised VLEs or individuals tarnishing the reputation of CSC.

In addition to those resolutions, the society deliberated on various other matters, the details of which would be made available on the society forum for further reference.

It informed that VLEs from Dimapur, Chümoukedima and Niuland along with members of the state and district teams attended the meeting.

By EMN Updated: Apr 20, 2024 9:01:27 pm
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