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Criminals get bad hair days on Christmas week

By EMN Updated: Dec 27, 2014 11:52 pm

Dimapur, December 27

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Christmas week, a good number of criminals including thieves and arms peddlers had to find themselves in the unwelcoming arms of the Dimapur police and the feisty Assam Rifles for a number of charges.
On Christmas day, troopers of the 29th Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarters 6 Sector Assam Rifles launched an operation on December 25 at Dhobinullah in Dimapur town following information about an armed person.
The troops tracked down the suspect at the busy Dhobinala area near the police point. The security personnel apprehended the person, identified as Nipato Achumi, a 27 years old resident of Dimapur. One 7.65 mm pistol was recovered from his possession, the Assam Rifles informed in a note on Saturday.
The apprehended individual and the weapon were handed over to West Police Station of Dimapur, the security force informed.
Dimapur police apprehend five burglars
Dimapur police have arrested a number of individuals accused of stealing mobile phones worth four lakhs. The district police administration issued a press release on Saturday informing of the arrests.According to the town’s police, the proprietor of a local business, Global Network (a mobile shop) along Nyamo Lotha Road lodged a complaint stating that on the night of December 17 some unidentified criminals had burgled her shop and had made off with mobile phones worth Rs. 4, 00, 000.
Accordingly, the Dimapur police apprehended one person identified as one Khitovi Zhimo, a 26 year old from Hong Kong Market, on December 21. The police seized two stolen mobile handsets (a Nokia X2 and a Micro Max-A102) from his possession.
During further course on investigation, five accomplices were arrested. The arrested persons have been identified as a Khitovi Zhimo (26 years) of Hoishe village in Sataka under Zunheboto district. He was a resident of Naga Cemetery in Dimapur. The second accomplice was one Kitoshe Awomi (23 years) of Mishili village of Gatashe under Zunheboto. He was a resident of Chikeye village (near government middle school) of 3rd Mile in Dimapur. The third accomplice was identified as a Alobo Sema (21 years) of Nitoi village under Kiphiri. He was a resident of 4th mile in Dimapur.
The fourth accomplice the police arrested was identified as one Ganesh Sharma (28 years) of Gumarh village of Samistipur district in Bihar. He was a resident of Auriya colony in Dimapur. The fifth was identified as one Enyei Konyak (40 years) of Tamlu under Longleng district. He was a resident of Kher Mahal in Dimapur. The sixth was identified as one Khetsimong Sangtam (25 years) of Phulungri village under Kiphire district. He was a resident of Khuboto under Dimapur, police informed.
All the arrested were apprehended from various locations in the town. The police seized 19 different brands of mobile handsets from their possession.
Ganja seized; three arrested
On December 22, Dimapur police arrested 3 persons from Purana Bazar in the town for illegally possessing approximately two kilograms of contraband Ganja which was concealed in a black colored backpack.
The three arrested persons have been identified as one Azuto Assumi (20 years) of Hotozu village uder Niuland in Dimapur. He was a resident of New Colony, in Purana Bazar. The second person was identified as one Yanren Humtsoe (20 years) of Humtso village under Wokha district. He was a resident of Model Colony in Purana Bazar under Dimapur. The third person arrested by the polic was identified as one Izaka Sumi (22 years) of Ahoto village under Niuland in Dimapur. He was a resident of Model Colony, in Purana Bazar under Dimapur, the police informed.

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