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Covid-19 cases: Nagaland’s quick road to recovery

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 18, 2020 7:20 pm

With proper medication one can be cured in a week to 10 days”

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Dimapur, June 18 (EMN): Even though new Covid-19 positive cases are detected everyday in India, the recovery rate is also quite high in most states, including Nagaland. Medical experts say people with strong immune system can recover from the disease in a matter of few days.  

According to the latest report from the Centre on Thursday, there are 1,60,384 active cases and 1,94,324 have been already ‘discharged or cured’ in the country. In Nagaland, as of Thursday, there are 193 confirmed cases with 90 active cases and 103 recovered.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, the deputy director for the department of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Nyan Kikon, pointed out that Covid-19 is a self-limiting disease like any other flu-like disease.

“Covid-19 is self-limiting and like the common flu; with proper medication one can be cured in a week to 10 days,” said Kikon.

Citing that a majority of returnees to Nagaland state are below the age of 30, Dr. Kikon said the possibility for ‘comorbid issues’ to develop among the returnees is very less.

“80% of them are below the age of 25 and most are asymptomatic as of now with no underlying issues, which makes their immunity strong,” informed Kikon.

He informed that the positive cases are treated only with vitamins, antibiotics and paracetamol.

“In case of fever, body aches or any co-infection, paracetamol and antibiotics are given; else vitamins and symptomatic treatments are ensured,” said Kikon.

“There is no medication for Covid-19 but the regular treatment to boost the immune system is helping in curing the positive cases,” he said.

When asked if the environment or the way Nagaland is placed geographically contribute to the recovery process, Kikon said that it is a novel virus that everyone is still learning about. He added that the state is lucky to have positive cases contained only among the returnees from other states.

A specialist doctor at a private hospital in Dimapur also said that the fast recovery rate in the country is largely because 50% of positive cases are young people with no associated health problems.

“In Nagaland almost all are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms; they must follow a good diet and not move around too much,” said the doctor.

The doctor further believed that some of the positive cases may have already been on the “road to recovery” before arriving in the state.

By Our Reporter Updated: Jun 18, 2020 7:20:56 pm
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