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Courtney Love and Dave Grohl reunite over $10k stripper bet

By EMN Updated: Oct 16, 2014 12:39 am

Courtney Love and former Nirvana rocker Dave Grohl have buried their decades-long feud by placing a $10,000 bet over strippers.
We’re told the rock ’n’ roll arch-enemies — who hadn’t spoken for 20 years after the death of Kurt Cobain — were spotted laughing and hugging at a party for Danny Clinch’s photo book “Still Moving” at the McKittrick Hotel on Monday.
A witness tells us: “Courtney and Dave were nose-to-nose at the table in the back, laughing, crying and hugging. It’s nice to see those two burying the hatchet for real. Courtney doesn’t really drink, but she and Dave did tequila shots. They were very intense with each other. People were surprised . . .  Michael Stipe looked like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then Courtney and Dave were heard making a 10-grand bet on who could get the most strippers at Scores.”
While a stripper battle between Love and the Foo Fighters frontman could’ve led to a truly legendary night, Love — feeling the effects of the tequila — perhaps wisely went home, while Grohl went on to the famed strip club with male pals.
Sources say he dropped $10,000 on Patrón, Veuve Clicquot and private dances. A source said, “Dave was a real gentleman and very generous. The dancers loved him, he was a really good tipper.” And, “If he and Courtney had a competition over strippers, he would have definitely won.”
But feisty Love tweeted Tuesday: “the bet is still on @davegrohl we’ll do the wager out west and I swear I’ll win!” Love was once an exotic dancer at Hollywood’s infamous Jumbo’s Clown Room, and she was overheard bragging to Grohl, “I’m everyone’s favorite famous ex-stripper!”
Grohl is in town promoting his band’s new album and HBO series “Sonic Highways,” and his Foo Fighters are appearing on David Letterman’s show every night this week. Love is working on a pop opera, “Kansas City Choir Boy,” with composer Todd Almond.
Love and Grohl bitterly feuded for years over rights to Nirvana’s music and finances after the death of Cobain, but hugged it out at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April.

By EMN Updated: Oct 16, 2014 12:39:30 am