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Corruption begins with sale of votes: Jamir

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 21, 2017 11:40 pm
Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Limasunep Jamir, addressing the 50 years celebration of DNYO on October 21. (EM Images)


Rajya Sabha MP, KG Kenye, addressing the 50 years celebration of DNYO on October 21.  (EM Images)

Dimapur, Oct. 21 (EMN):
Coming down strongly on the practice of selling votes during elections, which has largely contributed to corruption in the society, Commissioner of Police, Dimapur, Limasunep Jamir, said ‘We do not deserve good roads neither do we have the right to good infrastructure for our growth and development.’

Speaking at the 50th years celebration of Diphupar Naga Youth Organisation (DNYO) as the guest of honour at the ‘Inspiration session’ on October 21, Jamir urged upon the public to deeply introspect in this area of corruption.

Pointing out at the political instability and lack of governance in many spheres, Jamir acquiesced that we are all equally responsible for the prevailing situation. He minced no words in saying that there is nepotism, favouritism and so many ‘isms’ that is affecting us.

Stating that Nagas as ‘socialistic society’ based on community that is supported on social capital is not in sync, he lamented that those values are gradually diminishing and are becoming more and more capitalistic and greedy and individualistic. He has particularly made reference with the Village Development Board (VDB) which has become a tussle to be the secretary.

Taking opportunity of the occasion, he questioned on the state of affairs in the Naga society on the political, social, economic, technological and educational.

“We need to reflect upon these issues because the larger piece of Naga unity depends on the contribution of each one of us. Today we see lots of political uncertainty and instability and we are stuck thinking why there are so many social disturbances in our society,” Jamir said.

“We have to overcome the limitations- the limitations that we have in our minds and thoughts, limitations of  bias, tribalism of ‘isms’- if we are to build larger unity. These are limitations that does not build or construct the narrative of positive thinking which actually brings division among us,” he added.

In order to build a politically social durable order, he has suggested inculcating understanding and unity, tolerance with each other, and be a good narrative in the spirit of oneness. He has also advocated “simple living and high thinking” for an egalitarian society.

Emphasising on the issue of illegal immigrant, Jamir persuaded that it is time we should take control of our economy. “I strongly believe that we as a state, with our budget, if we were to use it judiciously there are enough for each and every one of us.” But at the same time he reminded that ‘there is never enough for one’s greed.’

He was of the view that if we start from small-ploughing our fields, taking care of small shops, of trade and commerce, than the issue of illegal immigrants will also be addressed. He said today the problem with Naga economy is that a lot of the money that comes is not circulating within Nagaland but goes out because business is controlled by outsiders. In this regard, he has suggested developing mechanisms so that the money circulates within our Naga society to build a strong economy.

He has attributed Diphupar village as a unique model for the other communities and colonies to emulate. Stating that all community co-exist and live in unity, he said it is indeed a model village for others to understand and emulate.

In the same programme, Rajya Sabha MP, KG Kenye, attributed Diphupar as a ‘doorway of the state to the future.’ Remembering the past Naga legends, who were daring in the war front. He has compared the past with the present situation and remembered the martyr’s who lost their lives.

Being a Christian state, he remarked ‘we are people of God who are blessed with so much talent. He said we need to discover what is inside us and look back at what we are capable of.

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