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Corporate sins

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]in has infected the lives of many which in turn affected their spirituality. We know what sin is because of what it is. Lives were ruined because of it. Marriages were ruined because of it. And the salvation of many people were denied because of it. The spirit of sin has led many into the pit of destruction. The virus of sin creeps upon us and poison us from within. As far as the ways of sinners are concerned, evil and wickedness has become their masters.
Sinning with the knowledge of it is an offence against God. When a person sins he or she commits adultery. As individuals we are uniquely created, born in sin and liable to perish because of what we are. The moment we step out of the house temptation pursues us. In moments of temptations all that we have to do is to ignore the forbidden fruit, the more we look at it the harder it will be for us to resist it.Whenever the word sin is mentioned all that we think about are our secret sins. When we are convicted of our sins by the Holy Spirit, we are often stirred to admit that we are sinners. We say it without actually knowing the meaning of it.
This often happens to many because of their ignorance of the Word. And because of their love for the world. When we look at the spirituality of our churches, we find that many are still controlled by materialism and by the desires of the world. I don’t claim to be perfect but this is the pitiable condition we are in.
When we are unable to fulfill our spiritual needs how can we be expected to fulfill the spiritual needs of the Church. The truth is as long as we are weak we cannot expect our church to be strong. The unconfessed sins of every individuals gives rise to the sins of the Church. Unless our personal sins are done away with, we will never be able to contribute for the growth of our church and our nation. We often hear about repentance but seldom do we hear about mass repentance.
Corporate sins implies to the sins of the society, the Church and the nation as a whole. The sins which the nations or society commits can be termed as corporate sins. If we work in a church or in a political party we hold the responsibility of the church and the political party as a whole. When we work together for one cause we are bonded by the thread of oneness. In other words we become one family because of the nature of our work. When a family member is sick he or she cannot simply be ignored. An error committed by a party worker or a church leader affects the reputation of the church and party as a whole.
When one sins the whole group suffers for it. We had suffered so much because of it. The confession of our corporate sins is the need of the hour if we want our churches to grow and our society to prosper. It takes humility and unity to make this a success. When we confess the sins of our church and of our nation in true repentance things will turn out for the better.
The Word makes it clear that as long as we have sins in our hearts our wants and desires can never be met. If we ignore the warning we shall perish, worst of all we may as well perish as a nation.
As long as the sins of a society exist, the growth and prosperity of the society will be affected. People suffer because of the sins of their forefathers. Corporate sins has to be done away with if the people truly want to experience the blessings that comes through mass repentance. Being aware of the need for the confession of out corporate sins will pave way for new blessings to flow in and for new opportunities to come our way. Confess it and it shall be forgiven.
Ambrose .J.Chakre

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