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Cops allegedly assault doctor on Covid-19 duty in Dimapur

By Our Reporter Updated: Apr 04, 2020 6:31 pm

District chief medical officer says constant harassments prevent staff from coming to hospital  

Our Reporter
Dimapur, April 4 (EMN):
A senior medical officer and Covid-19 quarantine officer stationed at the District Hospital, Dimapur (DHD), Dr. Nosezol Sezo, was allegedly assaulted on April 3 by a group of Special Task Force (STF) personnel while on his way back home from duty at around 11.30 pm.

Speaking to Eastern Mirror, Sezo shared that he was called for duty at 6 am on April 3 as the chief minister along with other cabinet ministers and officials were coming to inspect the quarantine centre at DHD.

“As a quarantine officer, I was also waiting for test results that were sent to Dibrugarh till late at night and decided to leave only after I got the results,” said Sezo, and added that even the doctor in Dibrugarh had to go from his residence to the hospital to provide him (Sezo) with the test results at that time of the night.

Sezo informed that the assault happened right next to his house near DHB petrol pump at Purana Bazaar in Dimapur.

“They asked me why I was not wearing a mask inside my car and then started physically assaulting me after I asked who their commander was, after which they also damaged my car,” said Sezo, adding that he even showed them his identity card and the sticker pasted on his car that exempts him from the curb on public movement.

The doctor informed that his colleague who was also in another car came and intervened at the right time.

In a statement, Sezo has requested the authorities to examine the matter and take action for the “barbaric attempt to murder”.

The chief medical officer (CMO) Dimapur, Dr. T Pangjung Sangtam, also spoke to this newspaper and condemned the ‘brutal act’.

“It is a slur on the police uniform; our medical staff face harassment from the police everyday even though proper identification is shown,” said Sangtam.

“The morale of the doctors and nurses fighting Covid-19 is down; no such persons should be treated this way,” said Sangtam.

Expressing concern for the medical staff, Sangtam informed that they have been ‘asked to do sit-ups on the road by the police even though proper identification was provided’.

“We work (for) 24 hours and our staff are spread all over Dimapur, so picking and dropping is needed; even MMU (mobile medical unit) vehicle is stopped,” informed Sangtam.

“All departments are working under constraint but now because of such harassment the medical staff is not coming to the hospital,” shared Sangtam and questioned if the police will come and do the job of a doctor or a nurse.

In a Twitter post, the director general of police (DGP) T John Longkumer expressed regret and tendered his sincere apologies to Dr. Nesozol Sezo and the medical fraternity for the unfortunate incident.

“An enquiry is being conducted and action will be taken against those found guilty,” it stated.

Longkumer further appealed to ‘all medical brethren for their forbearance and forgiveness’.

In a press release, the Nagaland In-Service Doctors’ Association stated that the fraternity can resort to immediate ‘statewide cease work as a mark of protest’ but considering the crucial period, the association has been compelled to exercise utmost restraint.

The association has further appealed to the authority concerned ‘to execute immediate exemplary action deemed fit’.

By Our Reporter Updated: Apr 04, 2020 6:31:59 pm
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