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Monday, June 05, 2023
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Converse in one’s own dialect at home — Dr. Chotisuh Sazo

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: May 03, 2022 5:50 pm
Newly elected office bearers of Chokri Chakhesang Literature Board for the tenure 2022-25 along with others in Kohima on Tuesday.(EM Images)

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Kohima, May 3 (EMN):
Member of Legislative Assembly Dr. Chotisuh Sazo on Tuesday said that language has the power to separate and unite people, and urged people to converse in one’s own dialect at home in order to promote one’s language.

In many Chokri-speaking homes, children are either speaking Nagamese or English these days, he lamented and urged all to change this trend.

 He said this while addressing the annual session of Chokri Chakhesang Literature Board (CCLB) held at Mt. Sinai Higher Secondary School, Kohima on Tuesday.

Speaking about Chokri, one of the major languages spoken among Chakhesang Nagas of the Phek district, Sazo said it is “very rich” and encouraged speakers to promote it.

‘The language differs from village to village and one should not complain about the non-inclusion of its languages by the literature board but be appreciative of the difference for it is our wealth’, he said.

He suggested improving words that are available and preserving them instead of introducing new words as that would help promote the language better. He further advised the board to have seminars with stakeholders and approve new words before introducing them formally.

Chotisuh Sazo addressing the annual session of Chokri Chakhesang Literature Board in Kohima on Tuesday. (EM images)

Chairman of CCLB, Ariyi Neinu, said the main objective of the board is to bring out a translation of the English Bible, hymnals, dictionaries, books, etc., into Chokri language for all the Chokri speaking areas of Chakhesang.

 In this regard, the board is trying to accommodate words from each area that speaks Chokri. This is because dialects differ from area to area, he said, and requested the public not to misunderstand or hinder the development of language. He then called for cooperation and understanding from all quarters towards the initiative.

The board’s first target is to bring out a translation of the English Bible and hymnals into Chokri. For this, Chakhesang Chokri Gospel Translation Committee was constituted with members from theological backgrounds, to interpret Bible and hymns, he informed.

There are 18 literature boards in Nagaland at present, he said.

Convenor Core Committee, CCLB, Zacilhü R Vadeo, spoke on the journey of CCLB and its background. Prior to the introduction of alphabets and formal education, there were not many dialects.

‘But now, many new words have been added which call for further translation. Therefore, it will take time to translate those words into Chokri’, he said and assured everyone of bringing out the original language, especially for youngsters to learn.

Dr. Distolo, Chairman Association of Nagaland Literature Board and Kuzha Chakhesang Literature Board, and Zhovehü Lohe, Convenor, Advisory Board of CCLB also addressed the gathering. Chakhesang Culture Research Institute (CCRI) presented folk songs.

New office bearers of CCLB were also declared during the annual session. Tenure for 2022 to 2025 will be led by Ariyi Nienu as chairman, Vechisa Venuh as vice president, Vekhozo Ringa as general secretary (Administration), Dr. Medongoyi Rhakho as general secretary (Technical), information and publicity secretary, Küzhovesa Soho, Joint secy. Lhüvesayi Lohe, Finance Secy. Vevoyi D Vadeo, Treasurer Küvesho Tetseo, and Vesavolü Rhakho and Küdukholü D Vadeo as assistant secretaries.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: May 03, 2022 5:50:52 pm