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Contributory Factors That Triggered ‘Solution Before Election’ Movement

By EMN Updated: Feb 01, 2018 10:22 pm

No doubt, solution (sans sovereignty) is the prime factor for this election boycott call. There are other contributory factors. Since early 1990s, Nagaland State has been reeling under the rule of multiple governments. These included the Nagaland State government and multiple rebel governments. Power syndication has become lucrative business in Nagaland State in which, the rulers (legal and illegal) and their cohorts in civil are die-hard partners. The citizens of Nagaland have been paying multiple taxes to all multiple governments. The citizens are tired of living with this daily ordeal. People want an end to it. They want to see multiple governments go. They long for one legitimate government. This is the type of solution, large sections of citizens of the State expect from the Government of India (GOI). The other sections have no confusion on the core issue, the sovereignty. It is a shame that the GOI still has humor to talk about solution when it could not provide one legitimate government in the State since its creation in 1963. This has rendered ceasefire agreements meaningless. Nagas suffered under multiple governments but the Central and State governments continue their slumber. They failed to provide security and prosperity to the people of Nagaland State. They have allowed multiple governments to operate freely, suck the public dry and thrive. When the GOI has no political will to solve even this law and order problem, what political solution is GOI talking about? GOI has been playing this cruel joke for the past seventy years.

The leaders; both Central and State constantly talk about development of the State. What were they doing for the past fifty-five years? Have the people of Nagaland State seen actual development at ground? The only development people can see is the private empires of rulers (legal and illegal) built with funds meant for public development. The Central and State governments have allowed the corrupt to go scot-free. The long arms of the law have become too short for them. Common people are helpless and frustrated. The call for ‘solution before election’ by large sections of people in the State (both Nagas and domicile non-Nagas) erupted from this vanity. Citizens of the State do not want election before the GOI put an end to their chronic problem. This is plain proof that statehood has failed. It is a shame that the GOI is trying to conduct another election even after all these failures.

Election boycott call is an open display of publics’ loss of confidence in the Central and State governments. When the GOI failed to provide one legitimate government, it was failure of constitutional machinery. Democratic elections cannot take place in a State where, there exists failure of constitutional machineries. All forces and elements came to play in elections but the government looked the other way. Nagas fear a repeat of such episode. People fear that this is another of power syndicate’s ploy to capture power again. Common people have come to conclusion that the governments (Central and State) can no longer be trusted. People are of the view that stopping election is the only option left. They have decided to realize their democratic rights by the only means they have. Citizens of Nagaland State do not want election now. If the GOI will not honor that, it becomes imposition. People want election under one government. This is legitimate demand of the people that India claim are her citizens.

As for sovereign Nagaland, she has nothing to do with Indian election. This election boycott call will further expose India and her imposed elections on Nagas against their will.

Dr. K. Hoshi
Phek Town

By EMN Updated: Feb 01, 2018 10:22:51 pm