Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Contradictory Policies

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 29, 2021 8:39 pm

Since taking over the reins of the United States of America, the Biden administration has taken various contradictory steps, which have baffled everyone. It is difficult to understand how donating a nuclear submarine to Australia will help to create a conducive atmosphere for world peace. Such inexplicable decisions by the Biden administration has provoked China to question the real intentions of the US. Further, Beijing has advised the US to abandon its cold war mentality to make the world a beautiful living place. China is apprehensive that the world situation will deteriorate more if the US does not change its attitude. Not only China, but also the US’s old and trusted ally France is not at all happy with the Biden administration. The French administration has openly accused the US of denying the European country to have military ties with Australia. France was so angry that initially the country snapped all diplomatic ties with the US. Though the tie has been restored later after an assurance given by the Biden administration, the crack still remains, as well as concerns about the Biden administration.

So far, the Biden administration has not taken any steps to brighten the country’s image which was badly tarnished during his predecessor Donald Trump’s tenure. Many expected that vastly experienced Joe Biden will not only help the US to regain its lost glory, but also help the world to have peace. But apart from partial success in containing Covud-19 pandemic in his country, on all other issues the US President has failed to deliver the goods. His Afghan policy has already been ridiculed by many. Clearly, Joe Biden has no proper plan for the safe evacuation of the American citizens staying in the trouble-torn country. The President may argue that he was only honouring the promises made by his predecessor, but the fact remains that while doing so he was totally unaware about the consequences. The failure of the Biden administration to contain Taliban from making a comeback has made the present regime unpopular even in the US, where most of the citizens think that the administration has acted timidly in Afghanistan.

The US has put India also into a lot of trouble because of its indecisiveness. Two decades back when various countries united to rebuild war-ravaged Afghanistan, India willingly came forward to stand beside the country. New Delhi poured enough funds to create proper infrastructure in Afghanistan. But soon after coming to power, the Biden administration has formed a four-nation alliance to decide about Afghanistan. Quite strangely, India didn’t find a place in that alliance, but Pakistan, the country which has recently been termed as the breeding ground of terrorism by none other than the US Vice President Kamala Harris during her recent meeting with Narendra Modi, was very much a part of that four-nation group to prevent a possible China-Pakistan nexus which will considerably weaken its standing in south Asia. In the past, the US had to pay heavy price for adopting such dual policies. The country may have to pay more in future too if it doesn’t stop believing in duality. 

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 29, 2021 8:39:35 pm