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Content of Accord between India and Nagaland

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The following Synopsis of framework, Agreement and Justification statements are purely my personal opinion and views, which i truly desire and wished to be the content of the Accord.



The NSCN (IM) should complete the following exercise;
(a) Formulate common platform for all Naga Political organisations and share equal participation during the final settlement with the union of India.
Justification:[without including all the NPGS in the ongoing Naga peace accord before amendment, it shall become another condemned accord{as condemned Shillong accord by NSCN(s)}.The bloodshed among the Nagas and with the Indian military shall continue still…….](b) Create a, “stakeholders’ platform,” deliberate and screen the opinions and views brought henceforth, through righteous judgement of majority acceptance and endorse the Nagas’ Act in unison to the union of India for the settlement.
Justification: [Agreement outside the preview of ‘Stakeholders’ platform’ shall become un-mandate accord, which shall be labelled as forced agreement in the future course of Naga Political History. Where, GOI and NSCN (IM) shall held accountable to the Nagas.]
(c) Following agreement points be discussed in the ‘Stakeholders’ Platform’ along with opinions and views of the Nagas. After thorough deliberation of the brought forth – points, omission and commission of the points, the resolved points be, approved by the majority of the house for further Implementation.
1. The union of India shall acknowledge the amalgamation of the Nagas’ inhabited areas, which were bifurcated and annexed into the federal states of India and Burma(Myanmar) without the consent of the Nagas.The people and its land are inseparable, therefore, no outside force shall disturbed or obstruct the sanctity of Nagas’ will of unification, which is their divine Sovereign right.
Justification: [The colonial India and Burma will be embarrassed, however, it is undeniable fact that the Nagas and its land cannot be separated by any force on Earth.
When the colonial British left India and Burma, the British never freed the people and hold back its land. But, gave sovereignty over its territories as well- to its’ people which is inseparable.]
2. “In modern time, any state has to acknowledge and accept customary restrain on its sovereignty in as much as no state can exist independently and without reference to other state. Under the general international law the concept of inter-dependence of states has come to be accepted”. Hence, Nagaland shall declare, “FEDERAL PROTECTORATE SOVEREIGN STATE”. The most unique and complicated form of Sovereign state in political history. The Federal and Protectorate relation shall be reviewed after half a century by parties concern.
Justification: [The Federal stricture of India constitution shall always provide opportunities to the Nagas to ascertain their future relations with union of India in the form of Accord or referendum from time to time. No matter how many accord be signed between the two entities, the spirit of Naga Sovereignty shall never die from the Nagas’ blood which shall prevail until the end of time. The spirit of self determination of Nagas can never be murdered or eradicated by any military might, “like the Scottish spirit of self determination which still persist”. Article 371(A) has given absolute power to the Nagas in almost all dimensions except sovereign member state in the U.N.O and few quasi federal relations.
Considering the above and following Justification, the present Nagaland relation status with India is near the grasp of, “Federal Protectorate Sovereign Structure”. Therefore, instead of claiming supremacy and spilling blood between the two entities without any benefit. It is better to co-exist peacefully and enjoy the support of one another in immense ways and issues. It is worth and wise enough to acknowledge the aspiration of the Nagas for self determination, which is their divine sovereign right-“like the Indian Princely states and Burma, from the colonial British”.]
3. Federal relations;
(a) Excluding the natural resources, Nagaland shall maintain Federal economic relations with the union of India.
(b) The union of India shall continue its present trend of economy share, as Federal state in the union with additional economy package to Nagaland, during her transiency period of becoming a developed nation.
(c) Infrastructure and flagship related projects shall be granted in phase manner, annually.
Justification: [Since 1947, India has been economically shouldering Nagaland through Federal relation without anticipating obligation. Henceforth, India is determine to continue so (at present context), Therefore, economise Federal relation should continue with additional grant till the Federal relation ceased.]
4. Protectorate relations;
a) Economic; (i) Rupee shall be a common currency where reserve Banks’ relation shall be maintained.
(ii) India shall assist Nagaland to develop, in utilizing her nature resources which are still in dormant state.
(iii) Trade and commerce shall not be restricted by either nation, unless it becomes insecure health related issue (s).
(iv) Labour force of both skilled and unskilled shall not be restricted by either nation.
Justification: [ India is bound and determine to continue her economic assistance to Nagaland (at present context ). Therefore, through protectorate relation, establishing another reserve bank ( modalities to be worked out ) in Nagaland shall benefit both parties to the larger exist.]
4b. Defence;
i) India shall assist all possible help to Nagaland, in training and in supplying the defence equipments until she could carp and brook bate her position in establishing strong self defence.
(ii) India and Nagaland shall not hesitate to deploy its military personals to either nation in times of exigent, if so required and sought forth by either nation, both internal and external.
(iii) All the defence related technologies shall be shared and supported forth, by both nation without reservation.
(iv) Excluding Indian Territory, border fencing shall be erected with neighbouring nation by joint effort.
Justification;[After annexing Nagaland, Thousands and thousands of Indians and Nagas have been killed and still continuing between India and Nagaland instead of assisting and protecting one another. Therefore, instead of inflicting loss of human lives and incurring unnecessary heavy expenditures, adopting the protectorate defence relation shall solve all the unwarranted problems; rather it shall strengthen the military might of both nations.]
4. C. International relations;
(i) Nagaland shall support the Union of India in seeking/attaining the permanent membership in the Security Council of the united Nation Organisation.
(ii) Nagaland shall always support India in her non alignment movement.
(iii) India and Nagaland shall always joint hands in matter of external threads to either nation.
(iv) Agendas/Views which are to be brought forth, in the U.N.O by either nation shall be supported by same.
(v) Agendas/views outside the preview of the U.N.O, yet, still an international issue, which shall be brought forth, by either nation, shall be supported by same.
(vi) Except I.L.P. in Nagaland, no passport shall be required by either nation.
Justification:[inclusion of Nagaland in the Indian political map and few exceptional cases are the contribution by Nagaland as Federal state. Declaring a sovereign state shall empower Nagaland to support India in the U.N.O. and other international related issues through this protectorate international relation between India and Nagaland.]
5. Sovereign State;
(a) Nagaland shall be a member of U.N.O. and its organs.
(b) Nagaland as a sovereign state, shall have her owns;
(i) Constitution
(ii) Flag
(iii) Political affairs both internal and external.
(iv) Administration system.
(v) Executive system.
(vi) Judiciary system.
(c) Subjects that are not enlisted in the Federal and protectorate relations shall all be subjected to Sovereign Nagaland.
Justification: [“Every village of Nagaland was a Sovereign Independent nation”. Of late arrival of British in the Naga Territories, except abolishing of head hunting practise, the mighty British also choose not to- and refrained from diluting its constitution to the most unique and pure democratic, Republic and Just-dictatorial form of Governments in the planet.
Towards the dawn of Independent of Union of India by the princely states, visionary Naga leaders voiced to unify Nagas under one political umbrella from the British. Right after proclaiming self independent from the colonial British, India and Burma annexed Nagas’ land in their whims. However, the legendary Sovereign spirit (which is their divine right ) of the Nagas are still flowing in their veins and has become a hereditary gene. Therefore, the sooner the India acknowledge, the better the two entities can co-exist peacefully.]
WRAP UP: Readers of this article, who do so desire and wish to acknowledge the sacrifice made by your fore-parents at the hands of British, India and Myanmar, “JUST TO PRESERVE YOUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION WHICH THEY INHERATE FROM THEIR ANCESTORS”, Can do so, by continuing in upholding the same spirit in your gene and voice out your right in unison – in the press media, electronic media, platform, etc, etc.
“Your wisdom in action shall proclaim your ancestors’ Right into reality, ‘one day’.”

Forest Colony, Kohima

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