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Consider NSCN (K) for peace talks, Sumi Hoho tells New Delhi

By EMN Updated: Oct 03, 2017 12:01 am

Dimapur, Oct. 2 (EMN): The Sumi Hoho has reminded the government of India that “we cannot afford to leave out any groups” from the Indo-Naga peace talks.
The organisation issued a press release on Monday stating appreciation of the central government’s recent move to ‘take on board for talks’ the working committee of 6 Naga national political groups, commonly addressed as NNPGs.
“It has been a heart-burning desire of every Naga that the government of India take on board all the Naga political groups for talks on permanent settlement,’ it stated.
“…while appreciating the GOI for taking NNPGs on board for talks, we also appeal that due consideration be given to NSCN-K for peace talks as we cannot afford to leave out any groups. In this regard we urge upon the GOI to take up certain confidence building measures to encourage the NSCN-K to come to the negotiating table.”

By EMN Updated: Oct 03, 2017 12:01:23 am