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Congress requested to write withouth facts

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2014 11:37 pm

My attention had drawn by the news caption ‘Rio, Kaito cannot escape’ that appeared in Nagaland Post dated the 12th January 15, 2014 where my name also dragged in.
While giving rejoinder to this new item, I don’t want to either blame someone or appreciate. Although in detail, I know the circumstances leading to the Mukalimi incident. The only thing that had culprits were handed over to the district administration all these ugly incidents could have been avoided.
By seeing and hearing the gravity of the situation on 26.12.2013 Home Minister Mr. Kaito along with Shri. Vikheho Swu, Parliamentary Secretary and Mr. Pukhayi Sumi, Parliamentary Secretary came to Zunheboto, met the people not to be too emotional and further caution the public not to succumb to their own decision.
On 29.12.2013 Shri Kaito along with three Sumi Parliamentary Secretaries, Commissioner, Home Commissioner and DGP came by chopper to Ghathashi and met Sumi Hoho President and other leaders. Mr. Kaito and other officials admitted that removing UG designated camp is not within the power of State Government; therefore, the State Government had already recommended to Ministry and Home Affair Delhi and is waiting for instructions. However if NSCN (IM) asked for a safe passage public should agree. On this particular topic I said, “if officially inform us, we will give safe passage”.
The Assam Rifles IRBN and public remain helpless because MHA remained silent for 68 hours till the camp was flushed out completely. Shri Kaito as Home Minister had concern for the people and visited two times but have not come across either Congress media Cell or Sumi Congress MLAs beginning from 21.12.2013 till 7.1.2014. Therefore, questioning the State Government publicly by me does not arise. Congress Media Cell is requested not to write anything without knowing the fact.

Working president, NPF

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2014 11:37:27 pm