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Congress Leadership Crisis

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 24, 2020 8:00 pm

Is Sonia Gandhi really interested in forming an opposition alliance or is this just another attempt to relaunch her son into politics? This question has arisen after the acting Congress president held a meeting of 22 parties to discuss the present scenario in the country. What is more interesting is that Rahul Gandhi was also present in that meeting, though he skipped all party meets since resigning from Congress’ Presidentship. Until Rahul opens up on this issue, what provoked him to be there alongside other important leaders will remain a mystery. Many political analysts feel that Sonia is preparing the road for her son’s return with the help of the opposition platform. But will Rahul be accepted as the face of the opposition by the people of India?

Rahul’s family background is eye catching, he belongs to a family which has produced three Prime Ministers. Many believe that Rahul will be the fourth member from the Gandhi-Nehru family to be in the hot seat. But the problem is that Rahul’s political career is simply unimpressive. Barring three elections, Rahul has always been on the losing side whenever there was a direct contest between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. The list includes defeats in the two general elections held in 2014 and 2019 along with plenty of Assembly elections. So, the people are simply disillusioned with Rahul. Moreover, Rahul has proved that he is not an ideal team man. The manner in which he put the blame on his party colleagues after the defeat in 2019 elections proved this fact. Even his relationship with some of the opposition leaders are not steady, and this can spoil Sonia’s plans.

The well being of Congress is under threat and the century-old party is now struggling for existence. BJP’s juggernaut has cornered the party to the extent that the only national party of yesteryears, is now finding it difficult to put up candidates in many constituencies . In many states it’s presence has been reduced to sign boards only. The grand-old party of Indian politics is now grasping for breath. It is in search of a leader who can revitalise the party again. The problem is that the party has been under the grip of Gandhi-Nehru family for a long time and is unable to see beyond. Many Congress men and women even feel that the party will not survive without the leadership of Gandhi-Nehru family. On its part, the family is also not interested in handing over the reins of the party to any outsider.

Herein lies the problem. Congress urgently requires a leader; but are not willing to go beyond Gandhi-Nehru family on its search. The party is thus being rejected by the people of India, election after election. As the party continues to lose elections, the search to find the key to resurgence grows more desperate. But it is sure now that without inner-party democracy Congress will not be able to make a come back. Rahul has proved himself unfit for the job. Will Sonia allow outsiders to run the party? If Sonia refuses to read the writings on the wall, Congress party may well write its political epitaph.

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 24, 2020 8:00:00 pm