Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Congress accuses govt. of betraying Yimkhiung tribe

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2022 9:33 pm

Dimapur, Jan. 8 (EMN): Nagaland Congress on Saturday stated that the unrest created in the minds of the Yimkhiung community in the matter of granting district to Shamator was the result of a ‘commitment without application of mind’ and termed the formation of third party committee to negotiate with the civil society organisations with intent to delay and shift the responsibilities.

President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie, has accused the government of committing assurance ‘unmindfully’ despite knowing that there has been a history of over 35 years between Yimkhiung and Tikhir.

The Congress agreed with the decision of Yimkhiung Tribal Council (YTC) in not to file nominations as they were assured of granting Shamator district if NDPP candidate returned uncontested in the last bye-election. Therie added that Congress had trusted YTC and refrained from filing nominations in support of Shamator’s up-gradation to district.

Congress party has sympathised with YTC for the betrayal by the UDA government, which was taken as a sincere and honest commitment. It added that such dishonesty was not expected from an experienced chief minister. It stated that the election of an NDPP candidate unopposed in the bye-election amounted to paying in advance for the promise, Therie said.

Since the government has betrayed the people, Congress felt that S Keoshu Yimchunger, the incumbent elected MLA of 58 Shamator Chessore assembly constituency, should resign to uphold the credentials of YTC before the people and for betraying Congress.

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2022 9:33:14 pm