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Conflict misinterpreted

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2014 11:13 pm

Everybody think there is a conflict between the two communities- Karbi (those involved) and Rengma Nagas in Assam now. No…! There is no conflict in true sense, only “aggression”. A conflict is caused when there are two or more opposing parties that have more or less same strength and are combatant but have differences in “interests and goals”.Here the Rengma Nagas are minority and have no intention of aggression (pre-pachaspur.a killing). Some men-folk formed the protection force (RNHPF) out of great distress and long suffering to protect themselves from aggression and threat of annihilation in a land where they have been living for centuries. Summing up the chronology of aggression committed on innocent Rengma Nagas since 1990’s published in some local daily on Jan 9th, we find that it is sheer aggression. Levying of heavy taxes on households, their products, ultimatum to embrace Karbi identity failing which every Rengma shall be killed (9th June’13), which itself is beyond human dignity, suspected murder of Nzankhen Rengma missing since 21st oct’13, following demand of Rs 50,000 thousand on agricultural products, destroying roads and restriction of movements (21st nov’13), assault on students and Pastor, restricting them from going to village (16 and 18 Dec’13), Nanthi Rengma’s kidnap and destruction of his fishery pond (19 Dec 13) at Teron Gaon and finally the atrocious attack on Khonwani village early morning on 27.12.13 killing 6 innocent people and burning scores of houses and granaries simply shows aggression on innocent people. How than can we call it conflict between two communities? One is ‘perpetrator’ and the other is ‘victim’ so far. It is very unfortunate and we are saddened that the protection force retaliated by killing alleged arm suppliers. How far it is true the investigating agencies will tell.
Violence should stop immediately because it tends to lead to vicious circle of reaction. If the National Human Rights Commission is summoning Nagaland and Assam DGP’s on the basis of pachaspura killing only, it would mean ‘bias’ as much human rights violations have been perpetrated on Rengma public.
There may be some intellectual aspirants, in the name of peace dreaming big politics and scheming covertly or overtly with their sheer strength and a lot of sweet talks but it may never materialize unless peace and normalcy return to the victims. The Rengmas are thankful to many individuals and organizations but at the same time would humbly appeal some civil societies not to be misled at this time of agony. Nevertheless role of civil society is indispensable at this juncture.
Finally, solution is possible once the “aggression” stops because heaven and earth knows who are perpetrators and who are victims as the conflict is one sided till the day the retaliation took place. Why are the’ Karbi brothers and sisters in relief camps? You need not fear, nothing will happen unless the other party (ies} is pushed beyond tolerance and react in self defense. Live and let live.
Shiloh Kath

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2014 11:13:51 pm