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Concerns on Physical Exercise

By EMN Updated: Nov 19, 2016 10:38 pm

Vebu Khamo

Holy Text: 1Timothy 4:8
Physical exercise has some VALUE, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next (THE BOOK).

Preacher points quickly to the benefits of spiritual exercise BYPASSING the first phrase of the verse, “PHYSICAL EXERCISE HAS SOME VALUE…”

Paul did not rule out physical exercise totally in this sentence. Young Timothy was reminded of the necessary attention to his physical well-being. Ministers in the Lord’s ministry ought to take this to heart! Many tend to spiritualise every aspects of life in the here and now, neglecting the area of keeping the body and mind in good form. Physical exercise is one area where Satan is destroying our body and mind. God has greater plans and purposes to accomplish through us but the body tend to wear out before it reaches its destined mark.

How many of our Church leaders or for that matter Christians maintain a daily habit of exercise? Very few! I’ve been wrongly diagnosed at the age of 14. My body doesn’t perform the way I want it to be. Yet some form of movements as that of walking and cycling are helping me cope with my disability. In the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, the senior Devil advises the younger devil to remember this thatmortals(humans) constantly forget, that they are animals and that whatever their bodies do affects their souls. This is one portion where the Devil is taking many souls into captivity. Our bodies are directly linked to the souls of our being. I’m not proposing that the body is more important than the soul but that the body has value and needs to be taken care of.

The lack of exercise is one of the major causes of chronic diseases- such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. Physical exercise keeps the mind at ease and the body at rest. There are plethoras of benefits to working out physically and I will not waste my ink on that. As Christian leaders take on the role of spiritual activities in the Churchand its periphery, they tend to wear out with all the responsibilities on their shoulders. The malady of stress, anxiety, depression, mental instability, etc. takes the better of the person. And here I do not want to rule out the spiritual exercise of prayer but physical body too needs some form of exercise in order to restore and rejuvenate the exhausted body. One of my long-time admired Pastor John Piper has to say this, “…I exercise to be a more loving person and a better pastor.”

I would like to add some suggestions to the Church leaders to do this:
1. Instead of driving to Church, walk to your Church.
2. Instead of taking your car for home-visitation, take your two God-given legs and walk.
3. Teach the Church members to involve in physical activities and exercise.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy GOOD HEALTH (this comes with exercise) and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well (3 John 2). God bless!

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