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‘Communal BJP’ and ‘corrupted NPF’: Congress fires double-barrelled salvo

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 09, 2017 12:27 am
NPCC President, K Therie speaking at the public meeting at Congress Bhavan, Kohima on September 8. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Sep. 8 (EMN): Kicking off its campaign for the 2018 state general election, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) Thursday held a public meeting at Congress Bhavan, Kohima, attended by a host of NPCC leaders and party members.
Addressing the gathering, NPCC president, K Therie observed that Nagaland was under threat from communal forces led by the BJP, and that the Congress would go all out to ‘wipe out BJP from the soil of Nagaland.’
Stating that the BJP was a political wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) – whose ideologies were solely for Hindutva – Therie termed it as a ‘threat’ to the Christian communities across the country if BJP keeps on propagating Hindutva ideologies.
“It is one of our major endeavours to remove the RSS ideologies and communalism from the soil of Nagaland. And this includes the political wings of BJP,” he said, maintaining that “Article 371 (A), which safeguard and protect the rights and interests of the Nagas, is also at threat under the rule of the BJP government.”
“Today, we are under threat from a uniform civil code. Our churches got damaged, while we are asked to worship cows and idols,” he said, adding that “BJP MPs have declared war against Christianity.”
“Despite the threats to the Christian community, our regional political parties are harping them (BJP) just for political gain,” Therie observed adding that “the only way to send a strong message to the people is to remove BJP and its alliance from Nagaland.”
Commenting on the ongoing political impasse between the NPF legislators, he termed it as a trap set by the BJP in Delhi. “The BJP have plans to establish a Hindu Raj. This is a trap and they have arrived to play. And to do this, they will shower money to gain votes,” he stated.
Voicing against the ‘misrule and mis-governance’ during the 15 years NPF-led DAN government, he said it was time for Nagas to wake up for change.
On the decades-long Naga political issue, Therie said his party would welcome and abide by any solution that is honourable.
Expressing hope that the Congress would return to power in the next election, he said the party would reach out to the people, to all villages, districts and every nook and corner of the state against the ‘misrule and mis-governance during the last 15 years of the NPF-led DAN government.’
To this, he also appealed all the voters of Nagaland to support political parties by understanding the election manifestoes.
“Verbal commitments can disappear anytime. So do not depend on that, but depend on election manifesto,” he said maintaining.
Former Minister and CLP leader, I Imkong also hit out at the Modi government for its communal policies and ideologies against the Christian community across the country. “We are against Muslim fundamentalism, but we are equally against Hindu fundamentalism,” Imkong said adding that “we cannot be dictated for what we eat and drink.”
Former Minister and NPCC treasurer, Seyiekuolie Kesiezie sought the support of all sections of the Naga society to join hands in overpowering the ‘corrupted’ NPF government.
Former MLA, Medokul Sophie, in his address, termed NPF as a political wing of the BJP at the centre.
To the Naga public, he urged them not to be divided by mere politics, but to stand up against the injustices. “Is the present government doing it right for the people? Can we run a government like this?
“They have time to visit Kaziranga often, but they are not concerned for the welfare of the public. See the condition of our roads and other public amenities,” he stated.
NPCC working president, P Ayang Aonok, NPCC vice president Khriedi Theünuo, and party leader Jonathan also addressed the members.
Meanwhile, it was also announced by the party president during the public meeting that N Neilo Koza from Nagaland was appointed as National Organising Secretary, All India Congress Seva Dal.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 09, 2017 12:27:48 am