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Common Milk Borne Diseases From Milch Cow –A Public Health Concern

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Diseases that are transmitted from animals to man and vice versa are called zoonotic diseases. Milk borne diseases are also zoonotic in nature as the diseases from infected cows are transmitted to man.Various agents like virus, bacteria and protozoa are responsible for milk borne diseases. The source of infection in milk may be due to diseasedmilch cow, unhealthy habit of milking attendant, contaminated vessels, water, flies, dust, dirt etc.

         Common milk borne diseases are

  1. Tuberculosis- caused by Infection to man may be directly by contacted with infected cow or indirectly by consumption of raw milk or milk products
  2. Brucellosis- caused by Brucellaabortus. Infection to man is through consumption of milk from infected cow
  3. Streptococcal infection –caused by Streptococcusagalactiae.Source of infection in man is through consumption of raw milk, insufficient heat treatment of milk. Milk products prepared from contaminated raw milk
  4. Foot and Mouth disease- caused by RNA virus .Diseases may be transmitted to man by contact with diseased animal or ingestion of infected cow milk. The infection in man produces symptoms like fever, difficulty in swallowing , blisters in mouth and hands

  Some steps for prevention and control of milk borne diseases

  1. Milk should be properly heated before consumption
  2. Milch cow infected with any diseased condition and under medication and treatment, the milk should be discarded
  3. Isolation of the affected cow from the rest of the herd
  4. Carry out routine milk test in your dairy farm for ruling out any abnormality in milk
  5. Timely vaccination and deworming schedules to be followed for the entireherd in the farm
  6. Discharge or any secretion from infected diseased cow to be disposed off properly
  7. Regular health check –up of the farm workers
  8. Prevent contamination of milk from flies, dirty water and vessels

Immediately consult a veterinarian if your animal in the farm are showing any abnormal signs and symptoms because early detection and treatment help the farmer a lot of inconvenience and economic lost.

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