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Comment on the Framework Agreement of 3rd August, 2015

By EMN Updated: Oct 20, 2017 10:49 pm

It is learnt that the Government of India and NSCN (IM) had signed an agreement known as “Framework Agreement” on 3rd August, 2015. Till now the content of the agreement is yet to be disclosed to the public and is supposed to be a closely guarded secret between the two parties. Nonetheless, newspapers and other social media have been carrying titbits of the agreement and now one can easily guess what this Framework Agreement is going to be.

Any responsible individual or organization seeing what is about to come should share their views and exhort the public. However, except for a few people, the majority of the Nagas are afraid to speak out. If we do not speak out when there is time, upon finalization of the matter, it may be too late to voice out upon the eminent subsequent confusion and social upheaval. We may have no one to blame but ourselves.

Therefore, the Naga National Council is to share its views on the Framework Agreement to the public. What is clear about the Framework Agreement is the absence of the two most important factor of our National Movement, ie, Sovereignty and Integration. If not for these two factors, why should the Nagas suffer this long? This is not NNC’s principle nor this is what the Nagas are struggling for. This is not a ‘historic agreement’ as claimed by them rather this Framework Agreement is a condemnable agreement, a treacherous agreement. This agreement is a total violation of the Lakhuti Resolution of NNC and therefore, NNC shall never accept this Framework Agreement.

We all accept the fact that the NSCN (IM) has done many good and positive things for the Naga Nation. But in the end, if they are to forego all their rights and have no regret over it or to go against their own words and have no compunction for it, what more can we say. However, the NSCN (IM) should remember that there were thousands of people who laid down their lives for the Nation before them. If they are to sell the Birth right and the sweat and blood of these people, surely, curse will befall on them and they themselves will be responsible for it.

The national work is not the sole responsibility of an individual or a group. When any group cannot achieve what the nation aspires for, then they should leave the matter to the future generation to continue the struggle till the goal is achieved. Therefore, the leaders of NSCN (IM) should consider this matter afresh.

The Government of India may take note that in the past as well, several attempts were made but all these attempts were counterproductive and ended in fiasco. The present Framework Agreement will also end up in the same fate as that of the 16th Point Agreement which gave birth to the State of Nagaland in 1963, the Shillong Accord of 1975. Even if you initiate something at this juncture, it will surely end in failure. The Nagas have come across many trials and tribulations and had withstood all these. You may have done something today, but you do not know what will come after that. Please remember that the Naga issue can be solved with the principle of TRUTH only and not through manipulation as you have been trying to do till date.

The Nagas should also understand that the Naga issue can be solved only through the intervention of the God Almighty. Therefore, do not falter or be disheartened but remain steadfast in your faith in God and continue to intercede to God.

Thank you. Kuknalim.

Gen (Retd) Thinoselie M. Keyho.
President, Naga National Council

By EMN Updated: Oct 20, 2017 10:49:38 pm