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Colony warns extortionists: Come extort, collect illegal ‘tax’ at your risk

By EMN Updated: May 25, 2016 12:49 am

Dimapur, May 24 : Citizens of Forest colony in Kohima town have issued a warning to extortionists – come to our colony and extort at your own peril.  The community has strongly warned against extortion or collection of any illegal “taxes” in the area. The Forest Colony Union of Kohima issued a note on Tuesday assuring that extortionists would be intruding into the lives of the colony’s people at own peril and ‘consequences.’  

“The Forest Colony Union (of) Kohima as empowered by its resolution adopted had resolved that no extortion or illegal tax collection by any individual, groups or organization shall be allowed within its jurisdiction unless the same is authorized,” the community organization stated.

‘It is forewarned that if, any individual, group or organization indulges in such criminal activities shall be doing so at his/their own risk and consequences. To this effect, the residents, .i.e. the public are call upon to be vigilant and to safe guard our rights against any illegal intruders into the colony,’ the note stated.  

The colony also minced no words for those who live off other’s earnings and work: “Idlers, loafers and drifters” in the society have the ‘tendency’ to disturb the lives of the people.

“Tendency to interrupt the peaceful atmosphere and tranquility of the resided people are at large. Idlers, loafers and drifters in the society always have the tendency to create mischievous ventures and to distort fellow human beings ruthlessly, with or without intentions,” it added.

By EMN Updated: May 25, 2016 12:49:31 am