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College students urged to know their rights

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 10, 2020 12:01 am
L Opangla speaks during a seminar on women’s rights for college students on February 8 at Sangtemla ward community hall in Mokokchung.

Our Correspondent
Mokokchung, Feb. 9 (EMN):
College students were advised to know their basic rights if they want to know their identity, during a seminar that was conducted on February 8 in Mokokchung.

The Watsu Mungdang, the apex organisation of Ao women conducted a seminar on women’s rights for college students, particularly for college girls, at Sangtemla ward community hall. Topics on crimes against women, women’s identity and its crises, and the role of women towards a holistic society were imparted to the students by prominent leaders of the organisation.

Among the speakers, Rongsenlemla, convener of the women’s rights committee of the Watsu Mungdang, emphasised that ‘to know your identity you must first understand your basic rights.’ She said that a person’s identity can be enhanced through education, through knowledge imparted by parents at home, and the environment in which they grow up.

She asserted that a woman must first know her identity, only then she must pursue her rights and responsibilities in the society. “Nobody can rip off your identity. Therefore, as the world progresses we too should look back and rectify what changes we have to bring within us to contribute to society as a responsible woman,” she said.

Another speaker, L Bendangla, the first general secretary of the Watsu Mungdang, cleared doubts of the people that the Watsu Mungdang is an apex body not only for mothers but an organisation for all Ao women.

L Opangla, former president of the Watsu Mungdang, also asserted that unless women come out from their dependence on others they cannot find their rightful place in the society.

Hundreds of students from Fazl Ali College, Peoples College, Jubilee Memorial College, and church members from around the town attended the seminar.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 10, 2020 12:01:09 am