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Coccodiosis in Chicken and Its Preventive Measures

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Coccidiosis is the term applied to the diseased condition caused by infection with one or more of the many species of Coccidia. It is a very common disease in chicken. There are two species of coccidiosis in chicken such as caecalcoccidiosis and intestinal coccidiosis. The disease is more common in growing chicken upto 7 month of age, but older chicken may harbour the infection in chronic form.

Signs and Symptoms in Chicken

  1. Huddling together and sometimes chicken stand aloof in corner as they suffer from abdominal pain
  2. Ruffled feathers, drooping of wings
  3. Pale and droopy plumage
  4. Faeces streaked with blood or reddish brown in colour
  5. Severe loss of  body weight

Steps for Prevention and Control

  1. Proper cleaning and disinfectant of all feeder, water trough and other equipment and appliances of chicken shed
  2. Proper disposal of death birds and used litter material
  3. Keep the shed airy and well ventilated, regular turning of litter and weekly changing of litter material
  4. Sufficient floor space for every chicken and overcrowding should be avoided
  5. Immediate isolation of the diseased chicken from the healthy flock
  6. Regular supplement of vitamin and mineral mixture in the diet
  7. Once a month use anti-coccidostat drug
  8. Periodical faecal examination for any endo- parasitic eggs

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