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Climate change is a reality – Therie

By EMN Updated: Oct 22, 2021 10:16 pm

Dimapur, Oct. 22 (EMN): With the changing weather pattern experienced in Nagaland lately, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K Therie opined that the impacts of climate change would have serious effects on life expectancy and economy.

Following shortfall in monsoon rains during 2021, Therie stated that many farmers failed to cultivate their paddy fields while Jhum cultivation and horticulture yields have also declined. He added that the people have witnessed increased temperatures, droughts and insect outbreaks.

In Dimapur, when people normally stop using air conditioners (AC) by mid September, Therie stated that in 2021 for the first time, people are still using AC till late October. He was of the view that deforestation during construction of four lane highway and railway tracks could be the factors that contributed to the searing summer heat. He, therefore, urged the government to work out strategies to recover the loss of greenery on account of development.

Therie also pointed out that there was decline in ground water levels as well. According to him, more than 70% of the population depended on ground water as the government water supply has terribly failed. He, therefore, urged the government to provide treated water for public consumption.

As people have started depending on civil supplies unlike in the past years, Therie alleged that the government has not shown any preparation to meet extra ordinary natural calamities. In this regard, he urged the government to be ready to meet heavy showers and floods as well as droughts since the climate has become more unpredictable across the world.

Meanwhile, Therie claimed that stopping movement of trucks during daytime has taken a huge toll on public economy. Stating that it is a crime to stop goods carriers for 12 hours, Therie said the government should allow trucks to move without stopping them during the day.

“They need to shift their thoughts to road improvement from only thinking of commission. The government should be thinking of providing pothole free, mud free and dust pollution free roads. They are suffocating the public that they represent,” Therie said.

He also stated that the government should bring up plans to prevent health risks and promote good healthy practices of citizens saying, “We must teach what is healthy and not only what is tasty.”

Stating that government is composed of intellectuals and the elected members, he lamented that the intellectuals in Nagaland are simply serving the selfish instincts of ‘I want more.’ “If the elected members cannot think of anything more than winning election with money and power, at least the intellectuals should preserve our generations with a moral sense of social responsibility,” Therie added.

By EMN Updated: Oct 22, 2021 10:16:25 pm