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Clearing The Preposterous Air and Prattle

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2022 11:00 pm

It has to be said; Neiphiu Rio leadership is an ordained leadership. Ever since he was elected as a member of legislative assembly to the 7th Nagaland Legislative Assembly in 1989 General election. There is no looking back and his leadership grew in stature and statesmanship with an unbroken chain of winning every election thereafter even elected unopposed in 2018 General election from 11th Northern Angami ii Assembly Constituency and becoming chief minister for the fourth time . It is true, at the zenith of Dr. Jamir’s power and leadership as then Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio served as the home minister and the cabinet number two in the then government. But there is no question of betrayal; Rio had to resign because Dr. Jamir claimed that “the Naga movement initiated by A.Z Phizo had reached a dead end” in his contentious booklet ‘the bedrock of Naga society’ and will not withdraw it despite request made to him. Also since Naga movement is a political issue, the booklet drew sharp criticism and condemnation from the Naga people from every nook and corner of Nagaland. Atlast the Naga people themselves denounced the leadership of Dr. Jamir with this booklet, “the bedrock of Naga society”

After separating from S C Jamir Neiphiu Rio renewed his regional political party (the Cock Party ) and By the Grace of God; He was able to form the Naga People’s government with the Cock Party. Ever since, he became the Chief Minister in 2003. Things took a positive change for the Naga people in the right direction, both over ground and under ground. Peace and development came in leaps and bounds. Rio followed a policy of -Equi-Closeness-as opposed to Dr. Jamir’s equi-distant policy with the Naga National Groups and this is how talks is continuing till now in the right direction to bring a respectable negotiated settlement to the vexed Naga political problem. To be frank Rio is all heart for the best of the Naga people. His goal is not just the Chief Minister’s chair but for a peaceful developed Nagaland. That is why despite his party winning a comfortable majority with 38 MLAs in 2013 Election and the Government running smoothly, He vacated his seat and went to Delhi as an MP all for the interest of the Naga people. But unfortunately things would take unfortunate turns in state politics in his absence and instability and weak leadership would become the hallmark of the government. So, purposefully Neiphiu Rio was requested to come back by the Naga People and the People of 11th Northern Angami II Assembly Constituency respecting the desires of the public elected him unopposed to the Legislative Assembly in 2018 General Elections. Naga public loves and needs Neiphiu Rio’s leadership like never before especially at this crucial juncture and even Delhi and central government knows Him very well and bestowed its kind blessings on Him. Neiphiu Rio will continue to sacrifice and work for His people till he enjoys their Love

and Blessings. Therefore, Quintessentially Kevise Sogotsu is sore gamespoiler to have a contrarian view, unmindful of people’s aspiration for peace, progress and development. He is out of touch with reality and the direction the Naga society moving.

Vibeilietuo Kets


11th Northern Angami ii A/C (NDPP)

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2022 11:00:53 pm