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By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2016 12:19 am

In all the constructions in the Write-up on Gaidinliu, I used materials from:

i. “History of the Frontier Areas Bordering on Assam 1883-1942”, by Sir Robert Reid, Governor of Assam, an Authority on the History of the Region and its People.

ii. “Nagas in the 19th Century”, a collection from the Diaries of many British Officers on the Northeast Tribes, by the renowned Anthropologist Verrier Alwin, covering the Period 1832-1942.

iii. T. Aliba Ao, 1st NNC President Book on Naga Movement.

iv. ADC Namko Zeliang’s Personal Peon, late Nilhulie personally narrated the gory story of how Gaidiliu beheaded 16 of the NNC Cadres.

v. Lt. Namgahein and Lt. Ikiesing, Zeliang Leaders who invited the Rongmei from Manipur to Jaluke Plain in 1960s.

vi. Chamthiu Zeliang, a contemporary Friend, -Father of Haraka in Jaluke-, sometimes personally discussed his Movement.

vii. All Church leaders and all Village Council Members of Nakama Village.

viii. The Graveyards at Nakama Village Road Junction of those eliminated by the Kampai.

ix. Former MLA Longbe Meru –a contemporary of Gaidiliu.

x. A Leader of ZPO (‘03) from Nakama Village whose Uncle was eliminated by Gaidiliu.

xi. Gaidiliu’s Kampai Brigadier..HIERANGDING’, converted to Christianity and disclosed in all detail Kampai activities, died naturally, as narrated by contemporary GB Peren Town, still alive.

xii. A high GoN Official present when Reporters from India interviewed Gaidiliu for Tamrapatrah and heard her speak embarrassingly and clumsily to them.

xiii. Some native Naga legal Experts, on the IPC Sections in Gaidiliu’s punishments.

xiv. Gaidiliu’s Baptism at Yimrep by REV. Kijungluba,( Mother’s Student), Rev was an American Baptist Organization USA decorated first Naga Christian Generation.

xv. Head GB of Yemrep Chang Village on strange demeanors and behaviors of Gaidiliu during the sojourn in the Village for half a dozen years.

xvi. Angami high Officials at Mokokchung at the time on odd and curious nature of Guest Gaidiliu on her to and fro movement between Yimrep and Mokokchung.

Regarding Gaidiliu’s procurement of Arms, and raising her VG ‘Kampai’, of handing over of the Arms back (‘surrender her arms’), the Government of Nagaland withdrawing all Charges against her, making a written AGREEMENT with her -‘in collaboration with the GoI’- giving her a Pension, Armed Guard Protection and glorifying her are all very interesting stories still too early to leak to the Papers. Perhaps next generation?

In all my Writings on Gaidiliu, I have used my modest English Vocabulary to deprecate certain actions, expressed views on certain others or praise certain Truths because I am not a Neutral News Paper Reporter. I am a Senior Citizen (79yrs running) expressing and exposing what I think is Right or Wrong, Truth and Justice for the Younger Naga Generations.

I did not make any “own makeup story” on Gaidiliu.

Thepfulhouvi Solo. I F S Retd.(RR -68)
Retd.Principal Secretary,

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2016 12:19:58 am