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Clarification on 7-day Deadline Served by NSCN-R

By EMN Updated: Nov 11, 2016 12:21 am

Whereas, on 10th of September 2016, the MIP NSCN (R) ‘claimed’ that I have defected “along with Rs 30 lakhs meant for ceasefire related to and fro meetings expenditures along with government files”. Again, on 9th of November 2016, the MIP NSCN(R) in a press statement stated that I have defected with “Rs 20,00000 meant for meeting movement and collectives leader’s maintainence”.

So far, I have been maintaining maximum restraint not to personalize the issue (created by some vested interested person in NSCN-R), as I know who are behind the screen of MIP, trying to defame me and my reputation in order to cover-up their selfish evil deeds. As such, I’m constrained to give Clarification on the baseless unwarranted claims of NSCN(R), for concerned judgement.

I was astonished to read in print media that I defected with 30 lakhs (as per NSCN-R 10th September 2016 press statement) and now 20 lakhs (as per 9th November 2016 press statement) which was meant for ceasefire related meeting and collectives leader’s maintainence. In my short stay in NSCN(R) I have seen only Rs 2 lakhs that was when we were in Delhi for ceasefire extension meeting, where six of us attended including collective leaders. All other meeting expenditures were done from our own end. It surprise me that how come 30 lakhs or 20 lakhs (as per NSCN-R press statements) was in my possession?!

Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang , the then Dy. Kilonser, Supervisor CFSB NSCN/GPRN(R) was assigned to take charge of Directorate office in Kohima as a collector, he sub-delicated his assignment to me. Wherein, whatever amount I have received using 2016-17 ‘Cash Receipt’, I have submitted each and every penny to Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang from where he sanctioned to and fro expenses ( for evidence the NSCN-R may ask for Mr. Imlong’s personal diary and register and cross check in directorate office in Kohima, if he truly is a Naga Patriot he shouldn’t rewrite or change his diary and register which we maintained for accountability). To bring to the knowledge of NSCN(R), Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang without the knowledge of the President or NSCN/GPRN(R) has also assigned/entrusted Maj. Nipule, Kohima Town Commander and Maj. Eleazar (Under Secy on deputation) to collect 5% provisional and 24% professional for the fiscal year 2015-16 and whatever the duo have collected using 2015 ‘Cash Receipt’ were submitted to Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang. However, on Reformation Day at Mon Town in CFSB office, I was stunned to hear from the Financial Report of the then Chaplee Kilonser that Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang has submitted only 30 thousands to government treasury, out of the huge amount we (Maj. Nipule, Maj. Eleazar and me) have submitted to him.

I don’t want to involve others or otherwise, I can come up with witnesses to prove that I have submitted whatever I have received to Mr. Imlongnukshi Chang and I have not used even a penny without his approval or knowledge.

It is therefore upto the concern to judge who really is ‘hungry for tax’ or ‘money monger with Criminal Minds to defame other’s reputation’ or was looking for chances to loot by blaming others with unfounded allegations, taking advantage of their (others) joining other group. As with regard to Entry Register of Ceasefire Card Holders (government files as claimed by NSCN-R), it is still there where I kept while I was still in NSCN(R).

Abel Zingrü Thuer

By EMN Updated: Nov 11, 2016 12:21:34 am