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Civil society condemns rape of 80-year-old woman

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 12:40 am


The Western Angami Youth Organization has strongly condemned the alleged rape of an 80 year old woman in Jotsoma village under Kohima on the night of October 25. The crime was allegedly committed by two youths identified as a Vezhohu Resuh, 27 years of Pholami village and one Adu Nakro, 21 years, of Zuhukho Nakro of Thenyizu village at the behest of Viliebeino “Cükano”, said to be the daughter-in-law of the victim.
The Western Angami Youth Organization termed the alleged criminal act of Viliebeino, who was also involved in the incident on the fateful night, as equally responsible for the crime committed against the senior citizen.
Vice president Seyielhoukho Sechü and general secretary Kepelhoubei Rino, of the Angami organization condemned the act as inhuman and barbaric act. Such acts committed ‘by outsiders within the jurisdiction of western Angami communities is a ‘direct insult to the people of the region,’ the two leaders stated in their statement against the reported crime.
The Angami organization has appealed to the government and the law-enforcing agencies to award the ‘highest degree of punishment’ to the culprits under appropriate section of IPC. The Western Angami Youth Organization has also asked the authorities in concern not to grant bail to the accused under any circumstances.
The Western Angami Youth Organization urges all right-thinking citizens and organizations to condemn the act and that the society must unite in fighting antisocial elements.
Likewise, the Chakhesang Welfare Society of Phezhu in Jotsoma under Kohima stated it was ‘appalled’ at the reported crime. “The CWSPJ is ashamed that the two accused happen to hail from the Chakhesang community. Such a perverted and unconscionable crime deserves the strongest condemnation as it is beyond insulting the modesty of a grand old woman or her life, but is an attack on the very foundation of human society,” the organization stated in its message on Tuesday.
“It is also an attack on Naga tradition in that the shameful act of the culprits would appear as an insulting repayment to the hospitality of the Jotsoma people. It is imperative that the concerned authority awards the severest punishment as per the provision of law to the culprits, and to spare no effort to secure justice for the victim,” the nongovernmental organization stated.
The Mao Union of Kohima and the Mao Women Union of Kohima also denounced the crime. “The most despicable act of raping even an old woman, old enough to be their grandmother speaks volume about the bestial nature of the two rapists,” the organizations stated in their press release. “We are reminded that we Nagas as a whole need to come closer to God and we need to do some serious thinking as to where our present generations are headed to.”
Minister for Social Welfare Kiyanile Peseyie has also condemned the alleged rape. An NEPS report on Tuesday stated that the minister termed the case as “most despicable and barbaric.” Stating that the dastardly act has shocked the conscience of all citizens of the state, Peseyie urged the law enforcement agencies to award befitting punishment to the two accused as per the law of the land.
He also conveyed heartfelt sympathy to the aggrieved family members of the victim, the report stated.

By EMN Updated: Oct 29, 2014 12:40:43 am