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Civil Rights Crusader campaign most successful in Tuensang so far

By EMN Updated: Sep 14, 2013 10:03 pm


TUESANG district has been declared the most successful district tour campaign against illegal taxation in holding meeting with district administration, civil societies, church and college students among eight districts so far. The campaign was started by the Civil Rights Crusader on July 20, according to a release issued by Kezhokhoto Savi, team leader, Civil Rights Crusader.During their district tour to Tuesang from September 7 to 10, the Civil Rights Crusader had attended the Sunday Morning Worship Service at Tuesang town Baptist Church on September 8 with a congregation of about 2000 where the team leader, Kezhokhoto Savi, had highlighted the scenario of the conduct of illegal taxation in various forms in the State such as imposition of certain percentages upon the government employees and business community by the various factions, NGOs and government departments like police etc who collect cash at the check gates and on highways, political parties and politicians deducting good percentage of public funds by way of popularly called “Commission” from contractor bills, countless collection of municipal/town councils, both authorised and unauthorised toll and fees etc.
Savi said the illegal taxation is finally realized by the consumers by way of buying essential commodities at a higher price. The response of the church deacons, deaconess, youth leader, pastors and senior church leaders and workers during the special session led by Pastor Tuesang Town Baptist church and the Executive Secretary, Chang Baptist Lashong Tuesang (CBLT) was successful and very encouraging.
The public meeting with civil societies advocated the need to form a local ACAUT to jointly fight against illegal taxation in the State and particularly Tuesang district. The Pharmacies Union agreed to sell medicines on the printed price and not 5% above the printed price. It also resolved to check the chamber of commerce especially one or two office bearers who are illegally controlling the market by way of taking agencies which leads to price rise such as a plate of egg costing Rs 180 in Tuesang is costing only Rs 150 per plate in Shamatore.
The civil societies also decided to jointly fight against all collection of cash in illegal manner such as police continually collecting cash as entry fee and monthly charges such Rs 50 each as entry fee and Rs 300 and Rs 200 as monthly fees at Tzutapela and Longmisa gates respectively.
The team conducted civil rights awareness campaign at Sao Chang Govt College Tuesang on September 9 which was attended by more than 500 students both undergraduates of Arts & Science.
Principal of Sao Chang, who led the programme, remarked that this is one of the best and most interesting programmes with various pertinent topics to learn as a defence or to be fought as a matter of rights. She has also conveyed her special thanks to the team leader Kezhokhoto Savi for sacrificing so much of his time and resources solely for the welfare of public. She further stated that even today both the teaching faculty as well as the students have learnt many good things from this awareness campaign.

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