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Churches in Nagaland should invest in schools, hospitals, says Kikheto Sema

By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2023 10:50 pm
Y Kikheto Sema speaking at the SBPU biennial conference hosted by the Sümi Baptist Church Zunheboto.

DIMAPUR — The ‘best building’ in any village or town in Nagaland is without a doubt church building, and the deplorable ones are schools and hospitals in most cases, said Y Kikheto Sema, Commissioner and Secretary, department of Forests, Environment and Climate Change.

Speaking at the biennial conference of pastors from trilateral Sumi churches association consisting SBAK Nito Mt, WSBAK and SABAK hosted by the Sümi Baptist Church Zunheboto (SBCZ) from October 20 to the 22nd, the special invitee opined that schools and hospitals should be better or equivalent to church building considering the utilisation of such structures, according to an update from the Sümi Baptist Pastors’ Union (SBPU).

He also urged the society and the church to invest in schools and hospitals, and not to entirely depend on the government.

Touching on several pressing issues, Sema stressed the need to shun all “isms” such as tribe, area, clan, etc. and focus on clean election, claiming that the way election is being conducted in Sumi areas is the worst among the Nagas.

While calling for an urgent change, he refuted the ‘blaming of candidates as both successful and unsuccessful candidates are heavily troubled by the voters’. Meanwhile, he lauded Natha New village under 35 AC in Zunheboto for upholding its commitment towards clean election and urged the pastors to produce more such villages.

He also advised church organizations, unions, clubs etc. in Nagaland to organise only valuable and meaning programmes, pointing out that huge expenditure spent on events are adding up to economic burden (of the people).

Informing that next year’s monsoon may not be favourable for the country, particularly the Northeast region, over possible less rainfall, as per the projection, he stressed the need to produce enough rice for one’s consumption. ‘If there is no supply rice from mainland India, can the Nagas survive?’ he asked.

Speaking on the theme of the conference – “Back to the family” – Sema highlighted the importance of giving time and priority to one’s family. He opined that family, allegiance to government and the church play viral roles towards a better and peaceful society.

He also lauded the pastors for their contributions and sacrifices despite the limited perks, while urging them to help fight the menace of HIV, tobacco-related cancer, use of substances and drugs, and other banned substances.

Speaking on biodiversity, wildlife preservation and climate change, he said the NBCC resolution in 2009 and 2011 on the matters should be implement in letter and spirit.

He went on to highlight various government schemes the public can avail, while urging the young people to take up entrepreneurship, business, agri and allied activities, mason, carpentry, etc., by availing government schemes, including state Chief Minister’s Micro Finance Initiative and bank loans.

He also appealed to the pastors not to criticize each other on the basis of denomination but to work together for a better tomorrow.

Rev. Kughato Chophi, Executive Secretary of SBAK Nito Mount, delivered the word of God on the topic “Live in the power of Holy Spirit” and Rev. Dr. Toniho Kiho, Pastor of Chekiye Baptist Church, spoke on “Living in hope at times of Turbulence”, at the conference.

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By EMN Updated: Oct 25, 2023 10:50:30 pm
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