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Friday, March 24, 2023

Churches in Nagaland celebrate Mother’s Day

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: May 08, 2022 8:31 pm
Mothers are seen praying on the occasion of Mother’s Day celebration at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Kohima on Sunday.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, May 8 (EMN): Along with the rest of the world, churches in the state held services to exhibit love and respect to mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.

While delivering sermon during Eucharist at St. Francis de Sales in Kohima town, Rev. Fr. Alex Tep said, ‘No one can replace the unconditional love or selfless services and sacrifices of a mother.’ According to him, the word “mother” is the ‘sweetest and most comforting word,’ adding that she is usually the first person to be reached out to by children whenever they return home after work or school.

Terming a mother as the ‘first doctor, teacher, alarm clock etc,’ the priest apprised that Mother’s Day is next to Christmas where most gifts are given out to mothers. Rev. Tep also reminded the need to fill the heart of a mother with “joy, happiness and satisfaction” which according to him is the “greatest gift” apart from material things.

“A mother carries us in her womb for nine months, on her lap for three years and cares for us in her heart forever.”

The main celebrant also cited examples from the Bible how abundant blessings are assured in the lives of children who honour their parents and reminded that respecting elders is a way of pleasing God.

Referring to a Jewish proverb which says, ‘God cannot be everywhere physically, so he made mothers,’ he emphasised how the Almighty manifested His love through them. “We can’t see God, but we see Him through our mothers,” he added.

Asking mothers not to deny their children from the requirement of security, love and care, he reminded them of their “greatest responsibility of playing the role of God and Good Shepherd in the lives of children, family and society”.

Tributes to mothers were also showered through songs, gifts and messages.

Delivering a message on the occasion at Ministers’ Hill Baptist Church, Kethosenuo Kire, said that God has designed each one with a different “responsibility and blessings” in the family and accordingly a mother has her own role in it.

“A mother plays her part in the family emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, while her duty is vast and one of divine miracles,” said Kire, who is also an associate pastor of Khedi Baptist Church.

She emphasised on the love, care and understanding of such female parents being deeply rooted in their personalities and went on to remind about a woman’s vital obligation towards her husband and children.

During the service, Tepusaho Tase, pastor’s mentor at Ministers’ Hill Baptist Church, invoked God’s blessings upon the mothers.

Mothers at the church were also honoured through songs and  presents among others.

Meanwhile, Tribal Old Age Home-cum-Day Care Centre, Dimapur, celebrated Mother’s Day with Joseph Longkumer, director of One Way Counseling Ministry, as the guest speaker on the theme “Strength and dignity of a mother” (Prov. 31:25-28).

The programme was led by Imlinungsang, while songs were presented by Along and friends and caregivers. An update from the centre stated that gifts were presented to around 60 mothers during the programme.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: May 08, 2022 8:31:31 pm